Pegasus Casters

Companies depend on Pegasus casters and wheels for safe, efficient, and reliable in-house transportation of goods. Their wide range of casters allow for solutions for every application. The Pegasus Casters catalog includes: Light Duty Casters, Medium Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, Medical Casters, Stainless Steel Casters, and Heat Resistant Casters.

Pegasus manufactures a variety of wheels for their casters, including:

  • Rubber Wheels
  • TPR Wheels and Urethane Wheels
  • Nylon Wheels
  • Stainless Steel Wheels
  • Cast Iron Wheels

In-Stock, Ready to Ship, Pegasus Casters

Our team of experts works closely with you to recommend the best caster for your application. We add together your specific criteria for:

  • product type,
  • load capacity,
  • wheel material,
  • wheel bearing type,
  • corrosion, chemical and temperature resistance, and
  • options required.

Once we determine your exact specifications, our team custom assembles your caster order. Our Miami warehouse is stocked with an extensive inventory of Pegasus Casters. So we can quickly assemble and ship your caster order.

Pegasus Casters Catalog

The Pegasus Casters and Wheels catalog features 37 different series of casters and wheel types. Available in light, medium and heavy duty, they have load capacities ranging from 44 lbs to 11,940 lbs each, and everything in between. And our team of experts are here to help you navigate the extensive Pegasus product line.

Featured Pegasus Casters

Some of our most-requested Pegasus Casters Series include:

Pegasus Series 12 – Light Duty Casters  

  • Capacity: Up to 360 lbs
  • Light Duty Casters with Gray Polyurethane (PU) treads on a gray polypropylene (PP) core
  • Light Duty Casters with Gray Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) treads on a gray polypropylene core
  • Light Duty Casters with Round Red Polyurethane (PU) treads
  • Light Duty Casters, Plate 2-½ x 3- ⅝
  • Light Duty Casters with Plate 3-1/8 x 4-⅛
  • Light Duty Casters, Plate 3-3/4 x 4-⅜
  • Light Duty Casters with Plate 3-1/2 x 3-½
  • Light Duty Casters, Threaded Stem 1/2-13 x 1-½
  • Light Duty Casters with Friction Ring Stem
  • Light Duty Casters with Expander Stem for 1” Tube
  • Light Duty Casters with Pipe Thread Stem
  • Light Duty Casters with Square Stem
  • Options: Stem, plate, total lock brake, wheel brake

Pegasus Series 13 – 1.5” Wide Wheel Casters with Top Plate 14

  • Capacity: 175 – 660 lbs
  • Ideal for transition between light and medium duty casters
  • Wheel Types: Black Fiberglass Nylon, Gray TPR, Gray PU on PP, Yellow Flat PU on Iron, Gray PU on PP, Gray TPR on PP
  • Options: Total lock brake

Pegasus Series 21 – Medium Duty Steel Casters and Rigs Only

  • Capacity: 300 – 1,250 lbs
  • Ideal for medium to heavy loads
  • Wheel Types: Gray Urethane on Gray Polypropylene, Gray PU on Gray PP, Gray TPR on Gray PP, Black Machined Nylon Wheels
  • Options: Wheel brake, directional lock, swivel caster with total brake

Pegasus USA and Blickle – Quality and Reliability

Douglas Equipment is a proud supplier of Pegasus Casters. Pegasus Casters and Wheels is a subsidiary brand of Blickle Casters, with USA headquarters based in Georgia. Pegasus casters are designed for the unique needs of the US market. Pegasus casters – mobility solutions engineered for you.

Best Selection. Lowest Possible Prices.

As an authorized Pegasus distributor, Douglas Equipment can supply you with an impressive array of Pegasus wheel and caster options. We have an extensive in-stock selection of Pegasus wheels and casters. And whatever we don’t have in stock, we can get for you.

Check out the Pegasus Casters Catalog, fill out our contact form, or call us at 800-451-0030. Whether your order is small, large, or somewhere in-between, we look forward to exceeding your expectations.