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Algood Caster Innovations is the largest caster manufacturer in Canada, exporting their casters to the United States, Mexico and beyond. At Algood’s 80,000 square foot Toronto facility, they do all of their own metal stamping, injection molding, assembly, engineering and design, tooling and maintenance, and warehousing. Algood Casters manufactures a wide variety of casters for office furniture, institutional and industrial applications, shopping carts, food service equipment, material handling equipment and many other applications.

Algood Tri Wheel Caster

Algood Caster Catalog

The Algood Caster catalog boasts over 25 million caster configurations! Algood wheels and casters offerings include custom, braking and stainless steel casters, as well as urethane, plastic, steel, pneumatic and rubber wheels in capacities from 25 to 65,000 pounds.

Algood Casters carry a wide variety of casters, including:

Algood Handbrake Caster
  • Industrial Casters – Capacities from 125 lbs. to 25,000 pounds. Algood Industrial Casters are available as either swivel or rigid. Wheels are available in sizes from 2″ to 16″ and in materials matched to your temperature and chemical operating environment. 
  • Braking Casters – Algood offers a broad range of braking casters and brake mechanisms. Braking options include: ALK braking mechanism, Pedal Wheel Brake, All Swivel Lock, All Wheel Lock, and Side Locking Brake. 
  • Specialty Casters – Algood creates specialty casters to meet the most unique and demanding customer applications. Modify existing caster components including: caster yoke, base plate attachment configuration, swivel plate, and braking systems.
  • Pneumatic Casters – Excellent for uneven floors. The shock absorbing characteristics, quiet operation, and ease of rolling are excellent for rough terrain in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Stainless Steel Casters – Load Capacities from 225 to 1400 pounds. Ideal for special environments including: clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceutical equipment, food equipment, and machinery.
  • Kingpin Free Casters – Available in five different series with load capacities ranging from 1,200 to 18,000 pounds. Algood Kingpinless Casters are excellent for: abusive conditions, tow lines, heavy service equipment, aircraft engine stands, ground support equipment, and portable dollies.
  • Spring Loaded Casters – Spring loaded casters offer outstanding protection for cargo and equipment. They absorb the shock of loads being dropped into equipment. The reduction in stress dramatically prolongs equipment life.
  • Custom Casters – Algood has a full line of casters produced to meet custom specifications. 

They also make a wide variety of wheels, including:

Algood Air Force Caster
  • RollX™ Heavy Duty Wheels – Made from propriety nylon glass filled materials. Algood RollX™ has as much as 50% more capacity than Phenolic or Steel, while being as much as 60% lighter. 
  • High Temp Lava Wheel™ – Algood’s High Temp Lava ™ wheels will withstand temperatures of 475° continuously and 525°F intermittently. Great for high temperature applications like bakeries and paint ovens.
  • Envirothane™ Urethane Wheels – These wheels are made from non-marking polyurethane used for high load capacities. Applications include: large stock trucks, factory use, textile carts, tow line applications, platform trucks, and food service equipment.
  • ALThane™ Plastic Wheels – These wheels are light in weight, very economical and high in impact strength. Algood ALThane™ Plastic Wheels are resistant to most chemicals, non-marking, moisture friendly, and maintenance free.
  • Steel Wheels – Algood Caster Innovations manufactures a wide range of steel wheels: Semi-Steel (STR), Solid Steel Crowned (SS), Forged Steel (FSR), and Heavy Ductile (HDR). Algood steel wheels are excellent for: heavy duty industrial use, abusive applications, bake and paint ovens, large waste bins, extreme temperature applications, and heavy equipment.
  • Pneumatic Wheels – Algood manufactures and stocks a wide selection of pneumatic wheels used in their pneumatic casters as OEM and replacement wheels. These are excellent for use on uneven floors.
  • Rubber Wheels – Rubber wheels from Algood Caster Innovations come in four major types: ProTech™ Thermo-Plastic rubber, hard rubber, soft rubber, and moldon rubber. 

Check out Algood Casters’ catalog to see what the caster experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.