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EGA Products, hiring the best welders, machinists, and skilled tradesmen has paid off. In a world dominated by importers, EGA has held its own because it doubled down on a strategy to offer completely American Made material handling goods. Why? It matters to EGA, and it matters even more to their customers. Customers of EGA know they’re buying handcrafted goods they can count on because at EGA having an eye for craftsmanship is why we’re still here today.

EGA Products Coil RackAt EGA, the metal craftsman has a home, because at EGA attention to detail and customization are foundations to providing customers with the best possible product to suit their needs. EGA Products manufactures all of their rolling stairs, work platforms, material handling equipment, and asset storage systems to meet specific customer needs.

MADE IN USA – EGA Products is a world-class manufacturer of American Made goods for demanding industrial environments. Every item in the EGA product line, big or small, has been conceived through customer need. Warehouse ladders, dock ladders, work platforms, step stools, and more have been sourced through a design to suit mentality.


EGA Products offer a wide variety of products, including:

  • Rolling LaddersEGA Products Industrial Swing Gates

  • Aluminum work platforms

  • Custom work platforms

  • Industrial stairway all welded access

  • Swing gates

  • Post protectors

  • Mobile work platforms

  • Other platforms

  • Dock ladders

  • Portable stacking racks

  • Die shelves

  • Crossovers

  • Double entry & dual access

  • Vertical wall mount ladders

  • Plant fencing

  • Pallet rack bay dividers

  • Ladder parts

  • Free ladders usage poster

  • Fixed ladders

  • Warehouse dollies, trucks, carts

  • Cylinder cabinets

Check out EGA Product’s catalog to see what the material handling equipment experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.

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