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Industrial Carts, Workbenches, and Storage Solutions

Little Giant Ergonomic Shelf Truck ENLGL-2436-BRK

Little Giant USA offers an extensive product line of heavy-duty material handling and industrial storage solutions. From welded industrial carts and high-capacity workbenches to heavy-duty industrial storage and safety products, Little Giant products deliver both quality and value. Little Giant products are proudly Made in the USA by Brennan Equipment & Mfg. Inc. 

Heavy-Duty Solutions from Little Giant

Little Giant products provide real solutions for your material handling needs. In addition, they offer engineering and design assistance on custom equipment for special applications and integrated systems. As a result of over 100 years of manufacturing excellence, Little Giant products have earned their reputation for quality, durability and longevity. 

Little Giant Catalog

The Little Giant catalog features a large selection of Floor Trucks, Hand Carts, Workbenches, Shop Furniture and Industrial Storage Equipment. Featuring all-welded heavy gauge steel construction with a tough powder coated finish, Little Giant industrial-strength products perform in even the most demanding applications. These products are available in a number of standard colors, as well as a wide range of custom colors.

Little Giant Heavy Duty Carts & Trucks

Durable, Reliable, and Built to Last

Little Giant offers an extensive selection of heavy-duty carts, trucks and dollies that are built to last in the most demanding applications.

Little Giant Shelf Trucks and Carts

The shelf trucks and service carts from Little Giant are all-welded and have a durable powder coated finish. These trucks and carts are made to haul heavy loads, while remaining easy to maneuver.

  • Shelf Trucks – Made for bulk storage and the easy mobility of industrial materials. This line includes ergonomic shelf trucks, 3-inch, 6-inch, and 12-inch deep shelf trucks, order picking trucks, multi-shelf trucks, and merchandise collectors.
  • Instrument Carts – Ideally suited for transporting delicate equipment or sensitive devices. Product line includes flush handle instrument carts, mobile instrument carts, low deck instrument carts, and instrument carts with hand guard.
  • Nursery Carts – Feature perforated decks and are made to last in even the most abusive environments. The garden carts line includes the multi-shelf nursery truck, 2-shelf wagon truck, nursery platform truck, and nursery wagon.

Mobile Storage and Bulk Handling

Little Giant mobile storage and bulk handling trucks are made to haul heavy loads. They are easily maneuverable and ideal for transport. Their mobile storage units are designed to provide maximum security while also allowing for visibility and air circulation.

Little Giant Mobile Bench Cabinet MB-2448-2DRFL
  • Bulk Trucks & Mobile Storage – Durable and designed for complete maneuverability. Includes: 12-inch deep shelf trucks, 2-sided shelf trucks, 3-sided shelf trucks, 5S lean carts, bin carts, and drop shelf trucks.
  • Dollies – Ideal for transporting a variety of industrial materials. Includes: Ergonomic adjustable height mobile pallet stands, steel deck dollies, and pallet dollies.
  • Sheet & Panel Trucks – Heavy duty products with plenty of carrying capacity.  Includes: A-Frame sheet and panel trucks, adjustable sheet & panel trucks, drywall carts, and mobile sheet racks.
  • Bar & Pipe Trucks – Made to haul heavy loads. Includes: 6-wheel pipe stake trucks, roll goods trucks, adjustable shelf racks, and portable bar and pipe trucks.
  • Mobile Tables – Built for years of rugged service. Includes: welded workbenches, mobile workstations, mobile pegboards, and mobile steel top machine tables.
  • Mobile Bench Cabinets – Made to store and safeguard heavy loads. Includes: 36″ Wide Mobile Bench Cabinets, counter height bench cabinets, mobile bench cabinets with locking doors, and heavy duty cabinet workbenches. 
  • Gas Cylinder Trucks – Rugged heavy-duty gas cylinder trucks. Includes: gas cylinder pallets, gas cylinder storage units, industrial gas cylinder cages, and single gas cylinder storage units. 

Hand Trucks and Dollies

Little Giant heavy-duty dollies and hand trucks are ideal for transporting boxes, crates and machinery. They are an ideal solution for wherever a solid truck or deck dolly is required.

Little Giant Pallet Dolly With Double End Racks
  • Dollies & Hand Trucks – Ideal for transporting a variety of industrial materials. Includes: 12″ deep reinforced nose trucks, 60″ tall hand truck, heavy-duty reel caddies, pallet dolly with double end racks, perforated deck hand trucks, and tilt back hand trucks.
  • Bar & Pipe Trucks – Made to haul heavy loads. Includes: adjustable tray A-frame shelf trucks, pipe stake trucks, roll good trucks, and vertical bar racks.
  • Sheet & Panel Trucks – Adjustable and perfect for moving plywood, drywall or any sheet products in tight quarters. Includes: drywall carts with steel bumper frame, knock-down adjustable sheet racks, and lumber & panel carts.
  • Gas Cylinder Trucks – Manufactured for easy bulk transport. Includes: industrial gas cylinder cages, gas cylinder trucks, and tilt-back trucks.

Platform Trucks and Wagons

Little Giant offers a wide variety of heavy-duty wagons, trucks, and flatbed carts to haul loads to fit your needs.

  • Platform Trucks – Includes: cushion load platform trucks, double end rack platform trucks, ergonomic shelf trucks, high end platform trucks, platform trucks with top shelf, and platform trucks with corner bumpers.
  • Sheet & Panel Trucks – Includes: mobile sheet racks, adjustable sheet and panel racks, and vertical sheet racks.
  • Bar & Pipe Trucks – Includes: adjustable bar rack trucks, big wheel cradle trucks, and heavy duty mobile work centers.
  • Wagons & Trailers – Includes: perforated steel deck wagon trucks, double 5th wheel steer tracking trailer, caster steer wagons, 8-wheeler wagon trucks, and 2-shelf wagon trucks. 
  • Nursery Carts – Includes: 2-shelf wagon trucks, multi-shelf nursery trucks, raised height nursery platform trucks, and service carts with perforated decks. 

Workbenches & Tables

The high load capacity workbenches and tables from Little Giant are constructed with an all-welded steel frame that is made to last in the most abusive environments. 

Little Giant Work Center Cabinet WTC-2D-2436-LL
  • Bench Cabinets – Little Giant’s mobile bench cabinets are available with a powder coated steel, butcher block, hardboard or non-slip vinyl top surface. This product line includes: mobile bench cabinets with pegboards, drawers, doors, and locking doors, all-welded cabinet workbenches, mobile heavy duty cabinet workbenches, and work center cabinets with butcher block tops.
  • Mobile Tables – Easily maneuverable and built to last. Includes: enclosed shop desks, mobile A-frame lean tool carts, mobile heavy duty workbenches, and 3-shelf mobile tables. 
  • Workbenches & Shop Tables – A durable and reliable industrial storage option. Includes: welded workbenches with backstops, welder’s tables, steel top machine tables, and receiving stations. 

Storage & Safety

Heavy-gauge, all-welded stationary and mobile storage lockers, cabinets and safety products keep facilities secure and organized.

  • Storage – The storage equipment and industrial storage systems from Little Giant offer durable and secure storage solutions.
    • Storage Cabinets & Lockers
    • Shelving & Racks
    • Secondary Containment
    • Gas Cylinder Handling
    • Dollies
    • Sheet & Panel Handling
    • Bar & Pipe Handling
    • Workbenches, Workstations & Bench Cabinets
  • Mobile Storage & Bulk Handling – All of the mobile storage units from Little Giant are made to haul heavy loads and provide maximum security.
    • Bulk Trucks & Mobile Storage
    • Dollies
    • Sheet & Panel Trucks
    • Bar & Pipe Trucks
    • Mobile Tables
    • Mobile Bench Cabinets
    • Gas Cylinder Trucks
  • Safety – From gas cylinder storage units to all-welded steel barricades, Little Giant is dedicated to manufacturing the most durable and reliable safety products.
    • Safety
    • Secondary Containment
    • Gas Cylinder Handling

Wheels & Options

Little Giant provides a wide selection of high strength, reinforced products made specifically for quiet operation and floor protection. This line includes wheels and casters, as well as a variety of supplemental parts and accessories.

  • Wheels – Their selection includes: Polyurethane Wheels, Mold-On Rubber Wheels, Pneumatic Wheels, Phenolic Wheels, Solid Rubber Wheels, and Flat-Free Hand Truck Wheels.
  • Additional Product Options – Pegboard Panels, Leg Levelers, Total Lock Casters, Welded Drawers, UL listed 15 amp Power Taps, and Floor Locks.
Check out the Little Giant catalog to see what the material handling equipment experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.