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Little Giant Ladders Velocity LadderIn the 1970s, Harold “Hal” Wing, met a German painter who had an interesting idea and a primitive prototype of a new kind of ladder. Hal enhanced the ladder and engineered what is now known as the strongest, safest, most versatile ladder in the world – the Little Giant Ladder System®. This professional-grade, multi-use ladder system can be set up in 24 different positions and is probably the most famous ladder in the world. Hal performed demonstrations of the ladder nationwide at state fairs and trade shows, building and packaging orders out of his garage. Working side-by-side with his wife Brigitte and their seven children, Hal built Little Giant Ladder Systems® on a foundation of quality and innovation. Gradually, both the do-it-yourselfers and professionals began to understand the Little Giant Ladder System was the best ladder in the world.Little Giant Ladders Overhaul Ladder

Little Giant Ladders offer a wide variety of ladders, including:

  • Articulating Ladders
  • Adjustable A-Frame Ladders
  • Extension Ladders
  • SteppLadders
  • Step Stools
  • Safety Cages
  • Ladder Accessories

Check out Little Giant Ladders’ catalog to see what the material handling equipment experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.Little Giant Ladders Quantum Ladder