Quality and service have a long tradition at RHOMBUS Rollen. The firm is the oldest industrial manufacturer of wheels and casters in Europe. Founded in 1899, Albert Schulte Söhne GmbH & Co. first started with the production of casters and wheels for Rhombus Casters Heavy Duty Casterspianos. Under the brand name “RHOMBUS”, the firm was already supplying a wide range of casters for various areas of application in the mid-thirties of the last century. In the fifties, the manufacturer emerged from the “Bergisches Land” to become one of the leaders in the sector. In 1994, the firm took thRhombus Casters Bakery Castere name of its brand and has since operated as RHOMBUS Rollen

Since April 2009, RHOMBUS has joined the Colson Group, the premier manufacturer of casters and wheels in the world. The Colson Group is made up of 21 distinct caster companies located in 16 countries around the world. With this strong partnership, RHOMBUS Rollen has set the points for the future. According to the principle “Leadership through Partnership”, the firm works for a continuous further development of quality, service and customer care and fair cooperation with customers, suppliers and workers.

Rhombus Casters offer a variety of casters including:

  • Rhombus Casters Swivel CasterFurniture Casters
  • Apparatus Casters
  • Medical Casters
  • Transport Casters
  • Stainless Steel Casters
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Specialty Casters
  • Cargo Casters
  • Bakery Casters

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