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Quality and service have a long tradition at RHOMBUS Rollen. The firm is the oldest industrial manufacturer of wheels and casters in Europe. Founded in 1899, they first started with the production of casters and wheels for Rhombus Casters Heavy Duty Casterspianos. Since then RHOMBUS has expanded to supplying quality casters for furniture, apparatuses, medical equipment, transport appliances, stainless steel casters and heavy duty casters.

RHOMBUS is dedicated to providing advancements in casters to meet the rapidly growing pace and mobility of the world. Along with the continuous improvement of their casters, they strive to fulfill the demanding expectations and aesthetic tastes of their customers. Put the RHOMBUS casters quality into action in your products.

RHOMBUS Casters and the Colson Group

In April 2009, RHOMBUS joined the Colson Group, the premier manufacturer of casters and wheels in the world. The Colson Group is made up of 21 distinct caster companies located in 16 countries around the world. RHOMBUS and the Colson Group work together to further development of quality, service and customer care and fair cooperation with customers, suppliers and workers. RHOMBUS is committed to quality. They ensure that every single caster that leaves their facility goes through tests and trials to verify that the casters will put the unique RHOMBUS quality into action in your products.

RHOMBUS Casters Catalog

RHOMBUS offers more than 2,000 wheels and casters as part of their standard product line. The RHOMBUS casters catalog is divided into six different categories of casters: furniture casters, apparatus casters, medical equipment casters, transport casters, stainless steel casters, and heavy duty casters. We have access to the entire RHOMBUS catalog and our team of experts can help you choose the casters and wheels that best meet your needs.

RHOMBUS Casters offer a variety of casters including:

  • Rhombus Casters Swivel CasterFurniture CastersMove sofa beds, audio furniture, tables and cupboards into an ideal position, but still remain mobile to ensure flexibility and allow room for change.
  • Apparatus CastersThese casters fulfill the needs for equipment in hotels, large canteens or small neighborhood bistros. Solid and robust casters for cooking equipment, food dispensers, and other appliances.
  • Medical CastersRHOMBUS is specialized in the medical technical segment. Their casters provide dependable function to deliver the medication and equipment where it needs to be – with quiet operation, safety, long product life and load-bearing capacity.
  • Transport CastersThese light industrial, medium industrial, and heavy industrial casters are specially designed for logistics and transport businesses. Solid and reliable casters help move workbenches, trolleys, cleaning equipment, cabinets and other equipment to meet the needs of a logistics company.
  • Stainless Steel CastersRHOMBUS Stainless Steel Casters are precisely manufactured and produced from high-quality pure steel. They are designed to meet the latest hygiene regulations for laboratories used in biotechnology, medicine and food research.
  • Heavy Duty CastersRHOMBUS heavy duty casters are built with the material quality and processing to make them the master in their class. Areas of application include containers, fork lift trucks, lifting carts, lifting platforms, lift tables, machine constructions, and road constructions.
  • Rhombus Casters Bakery CasterBakery CastersThese high quality casters offer easy movement and maneuvering, long service life, and are maintenance friendly. Common applications include oven racks, movable dough mixers, bread display racks, mobile work tables, and movable stacking containers.
  • Specialty CastersThe RHOMBUS product line contains more than 2,000 wheels and casters, which can be customized based on your specific demands. Choose between various wheels, types of wheel bearings, housings, attachments and fixings.
  • Cargo CastersAir cargo handling requires efficiency, reliability and speed even under high loads and extreme weather conditions. The quality of these cargo casters is based on a combination of: precise and innovative design; quality of materials; and quality of manufacturing.

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