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Jarvis CastersJarvis Caster is known for their caster solutions for the food service and hospitality industries. With a full offering of NSF Listed casters, Jarvis is the go-to caster for food service equipment. Utilizing the latest in available technologies, Jarvis Casters’ global design and engineering teams ensure every detail in performance, materials, and aesthetics are delivered to meet customers’ expectations and safety standards. From concept, to FEA and rapid prototyping – they bring your needs to reality.

Industry leading test labs and global quality systems confirm their casters meet stringent quality standards. Jarvis Casters’ in-house capabilities ensure all designs meet or exceed industry standards (ICWM standards) to keep your products safe and mobile.

Casters For The Food Service And Hospitality Industries

Jarvis Caster has over 80 years experience in specialized caster solutions for the food service and hospitality industries. The Jarvis product line features a wide variety of NSF listed wheel, fastening, finish, and size options. Their adjustable load height casters allow you to level your equipment on uneven kitchen floors. Jarvis is equipped to handle even the most challenging of service equipment needs.

Jarvis Casters Catalog

Jarvis Caster’s complete lineup of institutional and stainless series are ready to mobilize any of your equipment needs. The Jarvis Catalog features a product range from 100 to 1,250 lbs. capacity per caster. These casters are a great fit for hospitals, laboratories, food service industry, cleanrooms, bakeries, and food processing plants.

Jarvis Casters carry a variety of casters including:

  • Pneumatic CastersFeatures Swivel Top Plates, and supports capacities up to 470 pounds per caster. Includes Pneumatic Zinc, Pneumatic Brass and Pneumatic Chrome Casters.

  • 1” Wheel Width CastersSupports capacities up to 160 pounds each. Includes 13 Series Threaded Stem, 14 Series Spring Ring Stem, 17 Series Pipe Stem, 19 Series Octagon Stem, 25 Series Swivel Top Plate, 26 Series Rigid Top Plate, 27 Series Expanding Adapter,  and 28 Series Hollow Kingpin Casters.

  • Jarvis 1 1/2' Wheel Width Caster1 1/4” Wheel Width CastersSupports capacities up to 325 pounds per caster. Includes 30 Series Swivel Top Plate, 31 Series Rigid Top Plate, 32 Series Octagon Stem, 34 Series Spring Ring Stem, 36 Series Threaded Stem, 38 Series Pipe Stem, 3S Series Hollow Kingpin, and 40 Series Expanding Adapter Casters.

  • 1 1/2” Wheel Width CastersSupports capacities up to 400 pounds each. Includes 130 Series Swivel Top Plate, 131 Series Rigid Top Plate, 134 Series Spring Ring Stem, and 136 Series Threaded Stem.

  • Stainless Steel CastersSupports capacities up to 325 pounds each. Includes S30 Series Swivel Top Plate, S31 Series Rigid Top Plate, S32 Series Round Stem, S34 Series Spring Ring Stem, S36 Series Threaded Stem, and S40 Series Expanding Adapter Stem Casters.

  • Specialty CastersIncludes Central Locking Casters, BB-TEK Casters, TT Series Casters, and Special Designs Casters.


Check out Jarvis Casters’ catalog to what the caster experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.