Jarvis CastersUtilizing the latest in available technologies, Jarvis Casters’ global design and engineering teams ensure every detail in performance, materials, and aesthetics are delivered to meet customers’ expectations and safety standards. From concept, to FEA and rapid prototyping – they bring your needs to reality.

Industry leading test labs and global quality systems confirm their casters meet stringent quality standards. Jarvis Casters’ in-house capabilities ensure all designs meet or exceed industry standards (ICWM standards) to keep your products safe and mobile.

Jarvis Casters carry a variety of casters including:

  • Jarvis Casters 1 1/2' Wheel Width CasterPneumatic Casters
  • 1′ Wheel Width Casters
  • 1 1/4′ Wheel Width Casters
  • 1 1/2′ Wheel Width Casters
  • Stainless Steel Casters
  • Specialty Casters


Check out Jarvis Casters’ catalog to what the caster experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.