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What are the weight limits for spring loaded caster wheels?

spring loaded caster wheelsOne of the best ways to ensure that a caster is durable and able to meet a variety of industrial demands is to opt for a spring loaded caster wheel instead of more traditional options. These caster wheels are actually designed to bear heavier loads of varying weight, and they can rapidly adjust to changes in that weight and perform at peak levels in more uncertain conditions. This makes them perfect for industrial and medical applications, especially those that are extremely fast-paced and variable.

Despite their durability and resiliency in uncertain environments, spring loaded caster wheels do have their limitations. In most cases, these limitations are almost entirely focused on the weight limit of the caster itself. Springs, while durable and reliable, can only bear certain load limits before they become too strained and no longer “spring back” after a heavy load is removed. To prevent against this sort of caster damage, buyers should be aware of load limits and purchase the best spring loaded caster wheel for their needs, based on rated capacity.

Going for Lower Capacity: Smaller Wheels, Smaller Springs, and Small Maximum Limits

The typical entry-level spring loaded caster wheel is one that uses a 25-pound compression spring. This is a relatively lightweight spring, and it means that these caster wheels can typically only support up to a maximum of 75 pounds per load. Douglas Equipment offers two such casters to its customers, with both of them supporting a maximum load of 75 pounds.

The entry-level LC-2 caster offered by Douglas Equipment features the aforementioned 75-pound maximum load restriction. It features a 1″ x 3-3/8″ plate size and comes with a 2-1/8″ bolt spacing. This is pretty standard for an entry-level spring loaded caster wheel; those in need of a bit more durability in this product class, however, can upgrade to a slightly better option.

The higher-end LC-2 spring loaded caster wheel offered at Douglas Equipment maintains the same load restriction, but increases the plate size to 2″ x 5-1/8″ and decreases the bolt spacing to 1-1/4″ x 3″. This contributes to enhanced durability, and is better for faster-paced environments with lighter loads.

For Larger Loads: A Heavy-Duty Spring Loaded Caster Wheel

Douglas Equipment’s LC-3 caster wheel is the perfect option for heavier loads in industrial and medical environments. This caster utilizes 100-pound compression springs instead of the 25-pound option in lower models. It offers a plate size of spring loaded caster wheels 1″ x 3-3/8″ and bolt spacing of 2-1/8″, making it a great industrial option.

At the true high end, the DC-3 spring loaded caster wheel maintains the same 100-pound compression spring but increases the maximum load to 125 pounds. It does this by increasing the plate size to 2″ x 5-1/8″ while increasing bolt spacing to 1¼” x 3″. This permits for high loads, rapid speeds, and instant adjustment in fast-paced environments.

Enable Greater Industrial Mobility with a Spring Loaded Caster Wheel Installation Today

Douglas Equipment is one of the most well-versed companies when it comes to supplying industrial mobility products to warehouses, hospitals, and even education environments. Their products are highly reliable, extremely durable, and some of the most sought-after in the industry. If greater mobility and durability is the goal of your operation, give the professionals at Douglas Equipment a call today and begin the process as quickly as possible.