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Caster Concepts makes high quality, heavy duty casters and industrial strength casters and replacement caster wheels. Caster Concepts has a long history of quality products, outstanding service and a never-ending desire for exceptional results. They help customers solve their motion problems cost effectively within the shortest possible time.

Caster Concepts Pneumatic Caster

Headquartered in Albion, Michigan, all Caster Concepts products are proudly Made In America at their ISO 9001-2015 certified plant. Caster Concepts is an efficient, modern facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment and highly skilled employees. All of their casters are built directly in the USA and follow a strict manufacturing process to ensure dependability each and every time.

Each industrial caster is crafted using a specific manufacturing process to offer optimal performance for many different industrial applications. Caster Concepts specializes in casters used in manufacturing facilities of various industries, including: 

  • Ground Support Equipment, 
  • Automotive, 
  • Aerospace, 
  • Manufacturing, 
  • Heavy Equipment, 
  • Warehousing and Distribution, 
  • Train and Locomotive, 
  • Boat and Leisure Vehicle. 

Caster Concepts Catalog

Caster Concepts diversity of products and services allows them to meet almost any manufacturing need, from custom machining and laser applications to wheels, casters and fabrication. Their wide range of manufacturing capabilities means that customers can order virtually any caster, any wheel, any model, for any application. The Caster Concepts Catalog features a large selection of high quality, industrial strength casters and replacement caster wheels with load capacities from 250 to 35,000 lbs.

Caster Concepts carries a variety of casters including:

  • Low Profile Heavy Duty Casters
  • Dual Wheel Casters
  • Caster Concepts Heavy Duty CasterErgonomic Casters
  • Flanged Wheel Casters
  • Maintenance Free Casters
  • Pneumatic Casters
  • Shock Absorbing Casters
  • V-Groove Casters
  • Vertical Mounted Spring Casters

Caster Concepts carries a variety of wheels including:Caster Concept Dual Wheel Caster

  • Cast Iron Wheels
  • Flanged Wheels
  • Forged Steel Wheels
  • Keyway Wheels
  • Mold on Rubber Wheels
  • NYTEC-MD Wheels
  • Phenolic Resin Wheels
  • Round (Crown) Tread Wheels
  • V-Groove Wheels

Check out the Caster Concept’s catalog to see what the caster experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.