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Albion Casters and Wheels

For over 70 years, Albion Casters and Wheels has been a world leader in the design and production of institutional and industrial casters and wheels. Albion’s experienced engineers create casters that deliver optimal performance for virtually every application, load size, work environment and budget. Albion continually strive to develop new materials, processes, and designs to deliver more value and longer lasting products to our customers. Albion casters are a perfect fit for a variety of industries, including:

Albion Gateway Casters
  • Material Handling
  • Automotive 
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Transportation
  • Packaging 
  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical 
  • Institutional Equipment 
  • Marine
  • Agricultural
  • Warehouse & Distribution

Albion and Colson Group USA – High Quality Mobility Solutions

Albion P2 Series Swivel CastersAlbion Casters and Wheels is a part of the Colson Group USA. Colson Casters‘ commitment to mobility reaches far past the sale, and starts by ensuring the proper product is specified or designed to meet the specific requirements of each application. Albion tests their products to rigorous Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards to ensure that their casters offer maximum quality and value. All Albion casters are backed by a leading 1 or 3 year warranty so you can be confident in your caster investment.

Featured Albion Casters

  • Albion 72 Series CastersAlbion 72 Series: Medium Heavy-Duty Casters. Capacity up to 1600 Lbs. This heavy duty hot forged steel caster is designed for extended life in rugged applications. They will outperform cold forged or stamped steel casters in swivel applications requiring severe service.
  • Albion 110 Series: Contender Kingpinless Casters. Capacity up to 2000 Lbs. Precision raceways and fully heat-treated construction make the 110 Series the ideal solution for applications exposed to rugged conditions or high amounts of impact and shock. More durable than competitors’ case or induction hardened construction, and longer lasting than conventional kingpin designs.
  • Albion 310 Series CastersAlbion 310 Series: Contender Kingpinless Casters. Capacity up to 4100 Lbs. Constructed from high quality, heat treated AISI 1045 Laser cut steel. Precision machined raceway, fully welded legs (inside and outside), and Kingpinless design delivers superior strength in rugged applications
  • Albion 95 Series: TRL Super Duty Casters (Tapered Thrust Swivel Section). Capacity up to 17000 Lbs. This popular caster series has a precision roller bearing load and thrust swivel section (thrust swivel section = “TRL”). Rigs are precision machined to provide long life with greater capacity for that very rugged application. Made from AISI 1045 drop forged steel.
  • Albion 295 Series CasterAlbion 295 Series: Standard Kingpin Dual Wheel Casters. Capacity up to 17000 Lbs. The 295 Series is designed for greater capacity and better distribution of floor load with lowest possible overall height. These casters have differential action when changing direction, thus greatly reducing the scrubbing effect resulting from the use of wide faced, small diameter wheels.

Albion Casters Catalog

The Albion Casters and Wheels Catalog features a large standard offering of casters and wheels, as well as customer-specific designs. Albion caster capacities range from 240 to 30,000+ pounds per caster. They offer an array of institutional and industrial casters including: Light Duty Casters, Medium Duty Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, Stainless Steel Casters, Dual Wheel Casters, Shock Absorbing Casters, Towable Casters, and Kingpinless Casters.

Albion Light-Duty Casters

Albion 04 Series Light Duty Casters

Albion’s line of light-duty casters handily manages loads from 185 to 450 pounds. These casters are geared primarily towards institutional, food service, and travel/hospitality applications. The light-duty line includes the 02 Series, P2 Series, DC Dolly, 04 Stainless Steel Series, and Gate Casters.

Albion Medium-Duty Casters

Albion 16 Series Medium Duty Casters

Albion’s line of Medium Duty Casters are engineered to handle loads from 500 to 1,250 pounds. With the versatility for both institutional and industrial applications, Albion’s medium-duty casters are built to perform. This class of caster includes the 16 Series, 18 Series Precision, 62 Series, 110 Series Kingpinless, 68 Series Precision, 63 Series, 71 Series, and 72 Series.

Albion Heavy-Duty Casters

Albion 330 Series Heavy Duty Casters

Albion’s heavy duty/industrial kingpin casters are engineered for loads from 1,500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. Engineered to perform dependably under such punishing weights, Albion heavy-duty casters are a top choice for the most abusive of industrial environments. These casters are a good match for in applications including conveyors and heavy duty power drawn equipment, heavy duty dumpsters, aircraft assembly and maintenance equipment, gantries, hangar doors and fuel cell transport. Some heavy-duty kingpin choices include the 81 Series, 90 Series, 92 Series, 93 Series, 94BBL Series, 94TRL Series, 95BBL Series, and the 95TRL Series casters.

Albion Wheels

Albion carries a variety of wheels including: Polyurethane Tread Wheels, Rubber Tread Wheels, Metal Tread Wheels, Phenolic Tread Wheels, Nylon Tread Wheels, Polypropylene Tread Wheels, and Antimicrobial Wheels.

  • Albion PD Series: Polyurethane on Aluminum Core Composed of a polyurethane elastomer, open cast on clean, close tolerance cores. Polyurethane tread is chemically bonded to aluminum core. High capacity polyurethane protects floors, is non-marking and delivers quieter operation than standard metal wheels. PD wheels feature die cast aluminum cores. 
  • Albion PY Series: Polyurethane on Cast Iron Core These wheels are composed of a polyurethane elastomer, open cast on clean, close tolerance cores. Polyurethane tread is chemically bonded to a cast iron core. High capacity polyurethane protects floors, is non-marking and delivers quieter operation than standard metal wheels.
  • Albion FM Series: Flat Tread Ductile Albion FM Ductile Wheels feature higher capacities compared to cast iron wheels. Wheels are painted black. Temperature range up to +800 F.
  • Albion VM Series: Ductile V-Groove Albion VM Ductile Wheels feature higher capacities compared to cast iron wheels. Wheels are painted black.
  • Albion NW Series: White Nylon Economical, Strong, Clean. Excellent for clean rooms! These wheels offer maximum performance for your demanding caster applications.
  • Albion NX Series: Trionix High Impact Polymer These unique high impact polymer wheels deliver superior rollability, capacity and slide resistance. Trionix features unique polymer that resist corrosion and most chemicals. Wheels are machined and straight sided.


Check out the Albion Casters and Wheels’ catalog to see what Douglas Equipment has to offer.