Albion Casters and Wheels

As a world leader in the design and production of institutional and industrial casters and wheels, Albion Casters and Wheels growth is built on the challenges nobody else will take. Many custom-designed casters have become industry standards. Albion’s experienced engineers, equipped with the latest design and manufacturing technology, create casters that deliver optimal performance for virtually every application, load size, work environment and budget.Albion Gateway Casters

Albion continually strive to develop new materials, processes, and designs to continue to advance our products to ultimately deliver more value and longer lasting products to our customers.

Albion Casters and Wheels is a part of the Colson Casters Group. Colson’s commitment to mobility reaches far past the sale, and starts by ensuring the proper product is specified or designed to meet the specific requirements of each application. Leveraging their robust product offering, leading engineering knowledge, proprietary manufacturing footprint, and world-class partnerships – we deliver unparalleled support and value to each customers’ unique performance, design, and logistics needs. From your local supermarket and hospital, to the facilities that build our cars and planes, the Colson Group keeps industry moving, businesses more efficient, and people happier and safer.

Albion Casters and Wheels offer a variety of casters including: Albion Stainless Steel Swivel Caster

  • Stainless Steel Casters
  • Dual Wheel Casters
  • Shock Absorbing Casters
  • Towable Casters
  • Kingpinless Casters

Albion carries a variety of wheels including:

  • Polyurethane Tread Wheels
  • Rubber Tread Wheels
  • Metal Tread Wheels
  • Phenolic Tread Wheels
  • Nylon Tread Wheels
  • Polypropylene Tread Wheels
  • Antimicrobial Wheels


Check out the Albion Casters and Wheels’ catalog to see what Douglas Equipment has to offer.