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Heavy duty swivel casters will increase efficiency on the job

Heavy duty swivel casters will increase efficiency on the jobHeavy duty swivel casters increase efficiency for workers in several ways. Swivel casters differ from casters of the rigid variety. When four rigid heavy duty casters are mounted to a cart or pallet the wheels do not turn. An application that does not require the casters to allow movement in all directions is well-suited for the rigid caster.

Freedom of Movement of Cargo

Heavy duty casters are utilized in various industries including automotive, aerospace, food service and manufacturing plants. Heavy duty swivel casters move in a complete, 360 degree circle, allowing movement of a cart, table or cargo in any direction. They allow workers to maneuver carts and cargo into small spaces that would be difficult to accomplish with rigid casters.

Fast Movement of Cargo

Heavy duty casters allow workers to quickly and easily move large objects and cargo around a warehouse or plant. Less lifting and carrying is required by workers which reduces the risk of worker injury. Moving an object on a cart with casters is much quicker and more efficient than carrying the object from one point to another. Additionally, transporting a heavy object on a cart with casters is much safer than carrying the object for workers.

Heavy duty swivel casters may be found on carts and platform trucks which enable workers to easily move items. In addition, with swivel casters, heavy and larger cargo may be easily turned in smaller areas than their rigid caster counterparts. If space is tight, a cart with 4 swivel casters is much easier to maneuver into position.


Heavy duty casters allow workers to move large cargo with ease. Casters allow workers to turn and spin large cargo with a minimal amount of exertion. In addition, the casters may be attached to tables or lifts that are adjustable. In assembly plants, the ability to move a work piece in any direction eliminates the need for the worker to walk around the piece or bend and stoop to work on the object. Because the object may be moved and repositioned to accommodate the worker, there is a lessened risk for injury and strain.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Heavy duty swivel casters made of materials such as polyurethane or rubber will reduce noise pollution in the workplace. These casters are quiet, contributing less noise to the surrounding environment. A reduction in noise pollution reduces the risk that workers will experience hearing issues and injuries to the ear. A quieter workplace may also contribute to the overall efficiency of workers.

Heavy duty swivel casters are utilized for a multitude of purposes in manufacturing and industry. In all cases, these casters improve job efficiency. In many cases, these casters reduce the risk of injury to workers. These casters are the unsung heroes in modern manufacturing processes and industry applications by improving job efficiency on many levels. When in the market for these casters, visit our online store. We offer a wide selection of heavy duty casters for all commercial, institutional, industrial and manufacturing applications.

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