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Colson Casters Distributor in South Florida

Colson Casters Distributor in South FloridaSmall but Important

Sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. For those whose business relies heavily on the moving of objects, casters are one of those often overlooked, but vitally important items. Without them moving large, heavy or multiple items simultaneously is a backbreaking task. With them moving becomes a breeze. In fact, casters are an invaluable asset to any form of mechanical moving.

Moving Along

Moving heavy items from point A to point B has never been an easy task, but with the right equipment, it can be. Improving the ease of a particularly difficult task enables more to be accomplished in a shorter time, increasing efficiency.  And because the efficiency, durability, and performance of your equipment can make all the difference in the world, it is important to purchase casters that will do the job. By improving efficiency, quality casters such as Colson Casters can move your business to the forefront of your industry.

Smooth, Strong and Specific

When shopping for casters it is important to know your options. Casters come in many varieties, each with specific characteristics that are uniquely suited to whatever particular job may have in mind. Colson Casters, in particular, come with an impressive array of options that will fulfill all of your caster needs. Available in light, medium and heavy they have load capacities ranging from 75 lbs to 8000 lbs each, and everything in between. There are many varieties of stems available including, but not limited to straight thread stems, pipe thread stems, modular stems and expanding adapter stems. In addition to stem options, there are wheel options. Some of the lighter options include performa flat thread, polyolefin, and polyurethane the hi-tech. Some of the heavier options include thermo, cast iron, rubber hi-tech, phenolic, and forged iron. Additional high-quality features that are considered standard on many of the Colson Casters include:

•    Zinc plated finish
•    Full double ball hardened raceways
•    3/8” hollow axle with lock nut
•    Permanent rivet kingpin construction
•    Reinforcing washer on the lower raceway
•    Grease holes: wheel bearing
•    Multi-temp grease lubricates in hot and cold temperatures

Endless Possibilities

The variety of options makes the possibilities endless, which for you, means that there is nothing that cannot be moved. Regardless of the type, size or material of the casters one thing is certain, there is a caster to suit every need. You can choose the best caster for the job, the one with just the right method of attachment and just the right weight bearing capacity that is made of the best material to work with the floor surface over which they will be gliding. These options allow you to select the smoothest, strongest, most specific caster to fulfill your need.

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