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Industrial Hand Trucks Supplier in Miami, Florida

Industrial Hand Trucks Supplier in Miami, FloridaIt’s not easy to operate an efficient and successful warehouse. Successful companies tend to be versatile, which means they handle all types of items in all shapes and sizes. The best way to deal with this versatility is to have a versatile range of hand trucks. The more adaptable your hand trucks are in tandem with the tasks that are required of them, the smaller your fleet will be, and you’ll be saving money!

Here at Douglas Equipment we’ve supplied countless businesses in the Miami region and across most of Florida with the very best in industrial hand trucks. Here are just a couple of items from our wide range of material handling equipment that will help improve the efficiency of your business.

Wesco Hand Trucks

We never falter from recommending the high quality products from Wesco. We know that if we supply a Miami or South Florida customer with an item made by Wesco, then we have done our job.

Wesco manufactures a full line of hand trucks for light, medium and heavy-duty use. They even make hand-trucks that have an extra set of wheels for when a hand truck is required to go up or down stairs.

For heavy-duty needs, we recommend the 186 Series. This sturdy truck is manufactured by Wesco from high-quality steel, and has a capacity of 900 lbs. The load is shared between twin sets of wheels – 8” balloon cushion wheels and 6” moldon rubber casters – making loads easy to transport. This versatile truck certainly fits the bill when it comes to most industrial needs.

75 Years of Performance and Innovation From B&P Manufacturing

B&P Manufacturing certainly gets the Douglas Equipment seal of approval. This company has been designing, engineering and building the very best in quality hand trucks for all types of uses since 1943!

Uniquely, you can ‘build’ your own hand truck, courtesy of the services provided by B&P. You can select each individual element – handle, frame, nose plate, wheels and optional accessories – until, with both our and B&P Manufacturing’s advice, you have built the perfect heavy-duty hand truck for your unique application.

B&P Manufacturing Offers a Variety of Selections

There are multiple selections you can choose from, including no less than eight sets of wheels. These include pneumatic wheels ideal for both uneven interior floors and outdoor surfaces such as grass or gravel, and performance TPR (thermoplastic rubber) wheels for smooth, indoor surfaces such as delicate floors, tiles and carpets.

You can put together a heavy-duty truck up to a capacity of 600 lbs., plus you can increase its effectiveness by adding additional wheel attachments including wheels that will allow your truck to ascend stairs.

If you would like to receive more information about the various types of industrial hand trucks in the Miami or South Florida area, or would simply like to speak to our support team about anything that Douglas Equipment could do for you, then call us today at 1-800-451-0030. There is also our online contact form that’s available for you to use for easy accessibility.