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Darnell-Rose Casters

For nearly 100 years, Darnell-Rose has stood as the symbol of quality in the caster industry. Customers and competitors alike Darnell-Rose Casters Total Lock & Break Casterhave labeled Darnell-Rose as the “Premier” caster line of the industry. Every Darnell-Rose product is made in the U.S.A. by American craftsmen using U.S. suppliers for raw materials and purchased components. It is no wonder customers prefer Darnell-Rose casters when reliability and value are what they require.

Darnell offers their customers a complete line of heat treated plate and stem casters in sizes ranging from 1 5/8″ to 20″ wheel diameters, and load capacities up to 50,000 lbs. each caster. Various finish options such as plating and powder coat are also available to fit your needs. The RDarnell-Rose Casters 30 Series/Dual Wheel Casterose caster line includes an Integrated hot-forged King Pin and standard Tapered Thrust Bearings in the secondary raceway for added performance and extended life that is demanded by the automotive industry.

Darnell-Rose Casters Catalog

Darnell-Rose is an innovator in high quality American-Made casters. The Darnell-Rose line of products includes more than 10,000 standard casters, wheels, and mobility products. In addition, Darnell-Rose can also design and manufacture “made to order” casters to fit your special requirements. Their concurrent engineering capability using 3-D Modeling techniques along with rapid prototyping ability allow their customers the assurance of “proper fit and function” of their fabricating applications before production begins.

Darnell-Rose Casters carries a variety of casters including:

  • Darnell-Rose Carpet Master CasterLight Duty CastersLoad capacity 90 – 230 lbs. These versatile light duty casters are offered with a wide variety of plate and stem configurations to fit your mounting requirements. Common applications: Washing machines, laundry carts, utility tables, food serving carts, and portable racks.

  • Medium Duty CastersLoad capacity 125 – 700 lbs. These high performing, robust medium-duty casters have been utilized in thousands of industrial and institutional applications where easy swiveling and optional locking under heavy loads is mandatory. Common applications: Medical carts, shop equipment carts, display racks, moving dollies, and copy machines.

  • Medium Heavy Duty CastersLoad capacity 200 – 1800 lbs. Darnell-Rose Medium Heavy Duty Casters are known for their smooth and quiet swivel action even under heavy loads.Common applications: platform trucks, luggage carts, storage containers, sheetrock dollies, and waste containers.

  • Heavy Duty CastersLoad capacity 200 – 5500 lbs. This line of heavy duty casters are the perfect balance between safety and productivity while capable of handling the largest load capacities to fit your application. Common applications: die setting tables, service carts, air cargo dollies, towing trailers, auto tire hauling, lumber carts and dollies, and moveable drum pallets.

  • Extra Heavy Duty CastersLoad capacity 540 – 50,000 lbs. Darnell-Rose builds these extra heavy duty casters to handle the toughest industrial jobs.  Common applications: heavy trash gondolas, flat bed industrial trucks, steel or wood transfer trucks, and factory platform trucks.

  • Stainless Steel CastersLoad capacity 100 – 1000 lbs. These National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved casters cover a wide range of sanitary applications found in hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical labs, clean rooms, meat packing plants, and food industries. Common applications: restaurant equipment, medical carts & equipment, and food serving carts.

  • Darnell-Rose Casters Spring Loaded CasterTotal Lock & Brake CastersLoad capacity 125 – 400 lbs. Made from either Zinc Plated Carbon steel or Stainless steel, these casters provide total locking capability with one easy step. Common applications: electronics equipment, wire shelving trucks, photography lighting, and food serving carts.

  • Spring Loaded CastersLoad capacity 110 – 20,000 lbs. Darnell-Rose’s shock absorbing spring loaded casters are designed to protect valuable loads as it moves across the floor. Common applications: extra heavy service dollies, truck and tractor tire hauling, extra heavy duty towing trailers, and jet-engine aircraft workstands.


Check out the Darnell-Rose Casters’ catalog to see what the caster experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.