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Since 1940, Harper’s mission has been to sell the highest quality products in the market. Harper Retractable Rear Carriage Hand TruckThey have grown from a small, regional metal fabricator to the largest hand truck manufacturer in the world. Through their unmatched service commitments, worldwide distributor network, product guarantees, manufacturing process, and constant innovation they will continue to grow.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of hand trucks, Harper makes one of every three such trucks sold in the United States. With 2500 distributors in North America, Harper is now positioned to enter the international marketplace full-force. The company has been achieving routine annual growth of 20% and more, thanks to direct factory representation of the product and to strong consumer interest complimenting its traditional strengths in material handling applications. Harper Trucks are manufactured in a plant of 400,000 square feet with full robotic and new composite-injection capabilities.

Harper Hand Trucks offer a wide variety of hand trucks, including:

Harper Appliance Truck
  • Quick Change Convertible trucks
  • Appliance trucks
  • Casters
  • Commercial trucks
  • Drum handling equipment
  • Freight, dock, & warehouse trucks
  • Multi-purpose trucks
  • Nylon hand trucks
  • Platform trucks
    Harper Nylon Dual Hand Truck
  • Specialty Hand Trucks
  • Steel Hand Trucks
  • Tall Steel Hand trucks
  • Welding Cylinder Trucks
  • Wheels

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