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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Raymond Products has been manufacturing specialty material handling equipment for over 50 years. Made in the USA, their emphasis on quality and service assures you of a product that will serve you for many years. Raymond Products The Original Mighty King Desk Lift 2000Raymond Products manufactures industrial quality products that have features that set them apart from other manufacturers, such as their signature red non-mar, skid resistant vinyl coating, which cushions and protects products being transported. Every item they manufacture is re-inspected for quality at time of shipment.

No one offers a wider selection of dollies, caddies, trucks and totes to move tables and chairs. Their original Mighty King line of desk lifts, are the only ones manufactured in the USA.

You will find Raymond Products’ specialty dollies in most major corporations, institutions, churches, schools, convention centers, and hotels across the country. Whether you need to move a desk, file cabinet or hundreds of tables and chairs, they have a product to make your job easier.

Raymond Products carry a wide variety of products, including:Raymond Products General Purpose Royal Dolly 1436


  • All Purpose Dollies
  • Heavy Duty Caddies
  • Caster Brakes
  • Pipe Racks
  • Table & Chair Moving Equipment
  • Desk Moving EquipmentRaymond Products Heavy Duty Cross Braced Panel Sheet Mover 5005
  • Panel/Sheet Movers
  • Platform Trucks
  • V-Shaped Book Carts
  • Forearm Forklift Moving Straps


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