Darcor Casters and WheelsIn 2016, Darcor Casters and Wheels celebrated 85 years in the caster industry.

Darcor Casters and Wheels Fixed CasterSince 1931, Darcor Casters and Wheels has been the world leader in high performance caster solutions—helping companies and organizations in every industry to keep things rolling more easily, safely, quietly, and reliably.

These strengths, which have fostered long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships, are a direct result of their all encompassing commitment to excellence, backed up by exceptional technological and human resources.Specifically, their research and development, design, manufacturing, and testing facilities are second to none. Their people in all functions, from ergonomics to customer service, are unsurpassed in knowledge, dedication, and inspiration.

Darcor Casters and Wheels carries a wide variety of casters including:

  • Darcor Casters and Wheels Swivel Caster20 Series Casters
  • 30 Series/Twin Wheel Casters
  • 400 Series Casters
  • 60 Series Casters
  • 70 Series Casters
  • 800 Series Casters
  • 900 Series Casters
  • Cartwashable Casters
  • Darcor Casters and Wheels MultiWheel Kingpinless CasterEntertainment Casters
  • Kingpinless Casters
  • Multi-Wheel Kingpinless Casters
  • Medical Casters
  • Office Chair Casters

Check out Darcor Casters and Wheels’ catalog to see what the caster experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.