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Darcor Casters and WheelsDarcor Casters and Wheels Fixed CasterDarcor Casters & Wheels has been in the caster business for more than 85 years. Darcor’s ergonomic casters have resulted in push/pull force reductions, improved efficiency, reduced injuries, and improved employee satisfaction. 

Since 1931, Darcor Casters and Wheels has been a world leader in high performance caster solutions — helping companies and organizations in every industry to keep things rolling more easily, safely, quietly, and reliably. In that time, Darcor has built a reputation as a leader in the industry through their commitment to excellence, exceptional technologies and human resources. Specifically, their research and development, design, manufacturing, and testing facilities are second to none. Their people in all functions, from ergonomics to customer service, are unsurpassed in knowledge, dedication, and inspiration.

Darcor Casters – Built for Ergonomic Efficiency

Darcor’s caster solutions are created to fit specific applications to enhance workplace ergonomics. At Darcor their goal is to design and manufacture casters that simultaneously achieve three objectives: 1) cutting costs; 2) increasing output; and 3) reducing workplace injuries. Darcor understands that different industries have different caster solutions and ergonomic needs. Therefore, their casters are manufactured with specific industries and applications in mind.

Darcor Swivel Caster with Brake 8-808B-TU

Industrial Casters – Darcor designs and manufactures industrial casters that are reliable and dependable. These casters make the task of moving heavy equipment and product efficient, cost effective and safe. 

Floor Cleaning Casters – These casters and wheels are ergonomically designed to reduce overexertion. These casters make it easy to move floor cleaning equipment by reducing push/pull and swiveling forces. 

Medical Casters – Medical casters and wheels are specifically designed to effectively integrate into medical equipment. These casters provide superior ergonomic performance; are non-marking to keep floors clean; reduce excessive noise; and reduce shock loading on expensive equipment.

Darcor Entertainment Turtle Caster TUR-5274-PSE

Entertainment Industry Casters – Casters for studio, stage and theater applications. These casters move large props, equipment and sets quietly and without marking or damaging floors. In addition, they move equipment swiftly and easily with minimum force.

Office Casters – Office casters from Darcor roll easily, comfortably, and quietly with no need for plastic mats. The right caster can also mean improved workplace ergonomics and related cost benefits which can keep your staff healthy and your management team happy.

Food & Freezer Casters – Moving food in plants and warehouses requires casters that deliver exceptional safety, mobility, and longevity. Darcor casters can withstand extreme temperature conditions and the harshest of impact loads and speeds.

Hospitality Industry Casters – Darcor casters allow for a smooth ride for the transport of food, beverages and anything else that needs to be moved to achieve optimal hospitality service. The CARTWASHABLE™ caster series performs well in extreme temperature conditions, are corrosion-resistant and come standard with precision sealed bearings that require no maintenance once installed. 

Darcor Casters Catalog

Choosing the correct caster for the job and the work environment dramatically increases the life and performance of the caster. The Darcor Casters and Wheels Catalog features hundreds of caster designs available to order. In addition, they can create custom caster solutions to suit your specific application. 

Darcor Casters and Wheels carries a wide variety of casters including:

  • Darcor Casters and Wheels Swivel Caster20 Series Casters
  • 30 Series/Twin Wheel Casters
  • 400 Series Casters
  • 60 Series Casters
  • 70 Series Casters
  • 800 Series Casters
  • 900 Series Casters
  • Cartwashable Casters
  • Darcor Casters and Wheels MultiWheel Kingpinless CasterEntertainment Casters
  • Kingpinless Casters
  • Multi-Wheel Kingpinless Casters
  • Medical Casters
  • Office Chair Casters

Check out Darcor Casters and Wheels’ catalog to see what the caster experts at Douglas Equipment have to offer.