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Colson Casters 4 Series

The Colson 4 Series is our most popular 2" caster solution. This caster is a great fit for warehouse equipment like platform trucks and shelf trucks. When employed with the Performa wheel, it is a perfect fit for poor floor conditions - these casters are capable of handling movement over debris. The 4 Series offers a thicker 3/4" Kingpin giving a 40% longer rig life compared to 5/8" thick imports. The Colson 4 Series casters include: Top Plate Casters, Stainless Steel Casters, Enforcer Kingpinless Casters, and Business Machine Casters. All 4 Series Caster Forks, and many wheels, are USA-Made for highest quality and quickest delivery. These Colson 2" Casters feature an attractive zinc-plated finish, and are supplied with "Colson 45" multi-temp grease that lubricates in extreme temperatures. Colson 4 Series Casters
  • Tread Width: 1 1/2" or 2"
  • Capacity: 225 - 1250 pounds each
  • Wheel Diameters: 3", 3 1/4", 4", 5", 6", 8"
  • Brakes: Tech lock, total lock, top lock, tread lock, side lock, swivel lock

Colson 4 Series Casters

We have an extensive in-stock selection of Colson Casters, and whatever we don't have in stock, we can get for you. Order Colson Casters 4 Series from Douglas Equipment today. Check out the Series 4 Catalog or view the casters by category.