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Colson Casters 1 Series

The Colson 1 Series is a great light duty option for rolling across vinyl, tiled or hardwood floors. The 1 Series is available in Grip Neck Casters, Expanding Adapter Stem Casters, Threaded Stem Casters, Grip Ring Stem Casters, Square Stem Casters, and Top Plate Casters. If your decorative furniture casters are failing and you just want to go to the strongest solution around, it is likely that the Colson 1 series can do the job for you.

Colson 1 Series Casters (7/8" Wide)
  • Tread Width: 7/8"
  • Capacity: 60 - 145 pounds each
  • Wheel Diameters: 1 5/8", 2", 3", 4", 5"
  • Brakes: Side lock
Features zinc plated finish, double ball hardened raceways & Colson 45 multi-temp grease lubricates.

Colson 1 Series Casters

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