Super Duty Casters with Albion Casters

Super Duty Casters with Albion CastersWhen you have an extra heavy material handling task at hand, why trust the job to anyone other than “The Caster Experts”? Albion Casters has been making good on this title since 1947, building its reputation by taking on the institutional and industrial material handling challenges that no one else would.

With all the latest engineering knowledge and technological resources at its disposal, Albion creates casters for every application, load size, environment, and budget. Albion is also an industry leader in environmental stewardship, integrating sustainable practices in its product design, responsible manufacturing, sanitation, and recycling programs.

Most manufacturers produce heavy-duty casters; Albion goes a step further with its Super Duty line, which are engineered and fabricated to easily and dependably move the heaviest weights in industry. Super Duty casters keep the wheels rolling under loads in the thousands of pounds, all the way up to 17,000 pounds. Their strength and performance make them a perfect fit for the automotive and aircraft industries, steel mills, and many other demanding, heavy industrial applications.

Douglas Equipment is the Southeast’s distributor for Albion Casters, and we have the experience and expertise to match your heavyweight material handling job with the right Super Duty caster. Let’s take a closer look at the products in Albion’s Super Duty line.

Series 94 BBL (Ball Load Swivel)

This rugged caster is made of AISI 1045 drop forged steel and sports a ball load swivel (BBL) that keeps the wheels turning under the heaviest weights. Precision machined and heat treated, the 94 BBL has a ½-inch top plate and yoke base and ⅜-inch formed steel plate legs that are welded inside and out to the yoke base and rigid top.

The ball load race is 5 inches in diameter, with ½-inch hardened steel balls designed to resist wear and brinelling, and is protected by a forged labyrinth skirt. The thrust race has a 1-¼-inch tapered roller bearing, or you can choose straight roller or precision ball bearings. The king bolt is 1-¼ inches in diameter and is integrally forged to the top plate for maximum strength. The axle is a solid 1-inch with lock nut.

Capacities range from 900 to 6,000 pounds on wheels from 6 to 12-inch wheels made from cast iron, aluminum, polyurethane, Trionix(™) high-impact polymer, phenolic, drop-forged steel, or ductile iron. Use this caster on die carts and towed trailers, for automotive plants, aircraft maintenance and aerospace, work stations, and steel mills.

Series 94 TRL (Thrust Swivel Section)

This caster has a thrust swivel section to allow it to rotate under extremely heavy loads without twisting. It is well suited for the same applications as the 94 BBL above, and the thrust swivel section also makes this caster an excellent choice for Gantry cranes.

Built for capacities from 900 to an amazing 10,000 pounds, the 94 TRL has a precision tapered roller bearing with a 5-inch outside diameter for handling that increased capacity. Top plate and yoke base are ½-inch AISI 1045 drop-forged steel, with ⅜-inch formed steel plate legs welded inside and out. Axle is solid, 1 inch in diameter. A zerk fitting in the yoke base and wheel hubs make for easy lubrication.

Choose from poly cam, single-side, double-sided, face contact or wrap-around brakes. A hand-operated, field-installable swivel lock is also available. Wheels run in diameters from 6 to 12 inches and come in cast iron, aluminum, thick-tread polyurethane, vulkollan, phenolic, drop-forged steel, and ductile iron.

Series 95 BBL (Ball Load Swivel)

This ball load swivel model has a 7-inch diameter machined and hardened raceway that keeps the movement smooth and the caster’s life long. The top plate and yoke base are a robust ⅝-inch thick AISI 1045 drop-forged steel. Legs are ½-inch steel plate welded inside and out to the yoke base. The component thrust bearing is a 1-¼-inch tapered roller bearing, and the king bolt is integrally forged with the top plate.

Available with a sealed swivel section, and your choice of poly cam, face contact, or swivel lock brakes (welded or hand operated/field installable). This caster can handle from 1,400 to 8,000 pounds on cast iron, polyurethane, phenolic, drop-forged steel, ductile iron, or Trionix™ high-impact polymer wheels ranging from 6 to 16 inches. Prevenz™ antimicrobial wheels are also available for using these casters in sanitary environments.

Alternate or custom configurations are also available.

Series 95 TRL (Thrust Swivel Section)

This precision-machined model excels when used with die carts, towed trailers, and automotive plants and handles capacities from 1,400 to an incredible 17,000 pounds. Its precision roller-bearing load and thrust swivel section comprises a 7-inch diameter machined raceway with a precision-tapered roller bearing protected by a forged labyrinth skirt.

The ⅝-inch AISI 1045 drop-forged steel top plate and yoke base is precision machined for the bearings. Legs are ½-inch steel plate formed for greater strength and welded inside and out to the yoke base. The 1-¼-inch king bolt is integrally forged with a machined and threaded top plate. Axles are also 1-¼ inches and solid, with lock nut.

Wheels are from 6 to 16 inches in diameter and come in cast iron, polyurethane, phenolic, Trionix(™) high impact polymer, drop-forged steel, and ductile iron.

Need the 95 TRL’s strength but have slightly different requirements? Alternative and custom configurations are also available on request.

At Douglas Equipment, You Can Expect Super-Duty Service 

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