Albion Caster Distributor in Miami, Florida

medium duty albion casterHere at Douglas Equipment, we are committed to providing our customers with the finest material-handling equipment available. Since 1955, we have devoted our efforts and expertise to making our name synonymous with first-class customer experience, from the service we offer our customers to the quality of the products available to our customers. We’ve made it this far by only staking our reputation on the very best products being manufactured to solve your material handling problems. To this end, we’ve built relationships with the top caster manufacturers in the marketplace to ensure our customers get the most strength, dependability, and product life possible from their purchases. Albion Casters delivers this level of quality, and Douglas Equipment is proud to be Albion’s distributor in Miami, Florida.

Albion designs casters and wheels to meet the requirements of every material-handling application and environment, from light-duty furniture casters in offices to extra heavy-duty casters in warehouses and factories. If you somehow can’t find a caster that meets all your requirements in Albion’s line of 1,000-plus product offerings, they can custom engineer casters to your exact specifications. Albion tests their products to rigorous Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, as well as evaluating competitors’ products, to ensure that their casters offer maximum quality and value. In addition, Albion is a leader in sustainable manufacturing practices and stewardship of environmental resources. Their product design, responsible manufacturing, sanitation, and recycling practices are a model for industry, and customers can use their products with the assurance that they weren’t created at the expense of the environment.

Albion Light-Duty Casters
Albion’s line of light-duty casters handily manages loads from 185 to 450 pounds and are geared primarily towards institutional, food service, and travel/hospitality applications. The light-duty line includes the following representative models:

● The 01 series, a sturdy and dependable but economical caster available in rigid and swivel models. Its single ball-bearing raceway lets the wheel swivel freely under loads from 90 to 300 pounds. Excellent for furniture dollies, bakery racks, and laundry carts.
● The 04 Stainless Steel series, which resist corrosion from steam, cleaners, and chemicals and are ideal for environments where frequent cleaning is required, such as food service, pharmaceutical, laboratories, and hospitals.
● The F4 Style bakery caster series, which handles temperatures up to 485 degrees Fahrenheit, with soft-tread wheels that won’t mark floors.

Albion Medium-Duty Casters
For heavier loads from 800 to 2,000 pounds, with the versatility for both institutional and industrial applications, Albion’s medium-duty casters are built to perform. This class of caster includes:

  • The 15 Empire series, cold-formed steel construction with 350 to 1,200 pounds of capacity for dollies, waste-disposal trucks, warehouse trucks, floor trucks, and shop carts.
  • The 18 Ergonomic Precision series, the easy-swiveling, maintenance-free caster with notched yoke base for field installation of 4-position swivel lock.
  • The 20/21 Business Machine Low Profile series, for high-capacity, low-height applications such as moving server shelves, soda machines, and business machine equipment.
  • The 41 Spring Guard™ Spring Loaded series to reduce shock in 500 to 800-pound loads. Springs are protected by a urethane Spring Guard™ for added safety. Features a fully heat-treated dual ball raceway to extend product life. Ideal for diagnostic, electrical, institutional, and medical equipment and carts, mobile workstations and storage racks, ground support equipment, packaging equipment, and specialty toolboxes.
  • The 216 Cantilever-Style Dual-Wheel series, with differential action to reduce scrubbing when changing directions. Made with the single-wheel caster rig, making this easily field installable.

Albion Heavy-Duty Casters
With 25-plus series, heavy-duty casters are something of an Albion specialty. These rugged casters have a wide range of capacities, from 700 to a whopping 20,000 pounds. Engineered to perform dependably under such punishing weights, Albion heavy-duty casters are a top choice for the most abusive of industrial environments. Some heavy-duty choices are:

  • The popular 62 series is crafted from ¼-inch cold-formed steel with a heat-treated king bolt and nut for added strength. Its ½-inch solid axle is on Delrin, precision ball, and Oilex bearings. Use on movable racks, conveyor or dragline operations, utility trucks, corrugated-box trucks, and caster-mounted construction jigs and fixtures.
  • The 78 series excels for those unusual jobs that require constant swiveling or ability to withstand significant shock and impact. Made of AISI 1045 drop-forged steel, these casters can take a beating on conveyor-drawn tow trucks, heavy-duty bakery racks, production dollies, and heavy-duty dough trucks. Available for 200 to 1,500-pound capacities.
  • The 93 series features wider wheels for ease of use and a beefy ½-inch and ⅝-inch thick AISI 1045 steel plate construction. King bolt and axle are a stout 1-¼ inches in diameter each. This caster swivels easily under 1,600 to 7,500 pound loads thanks to a 7-inch diameter precision-machined load raceway with ⅝-inch steel balls and tapered roller thrust bearing. Use with die carts, towed trailers, workstations, and aircraft assembly equipment.
  • On the heaviest end of the spectrum, the 298 Aviation Ground Equipment series is constructed with an oscillating, compensating wheel axle and cushion suspension leveling to meet the needs of aviation ground support. Its 4,200 to 20,000-pound capacity and AISI 1045 heat-treated steel construction is equal to the rigors of aviation work stands, hangar doors, and fuel-cell transport.

Albion Casters and Douglas Equipment: Partners in Quality
Albion offers many other casters other than the small sampling we’ve seen here, and Douglas Equipment is ready to help you find the exact caster you need. Contact us online, or if you’re local to South Florida, call us at 305-888-3700. National customers can reach us at 800-451-0030.