Bond Caster and Wheel Series 40-A

For over 100  years, Bond Caster and Wheel has been manufacturing casters, wheels, and roller bearings. As a leading caster manufacturer, Bond specializes in heavy duty casters. They are also capable of creating light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, stainless steel, retractable, or spring-loaded casters, as well as custom casters and wheels.

Bond Caster and Wheel Catalog

Bond Caster and Wheel’s catalog features casters with wheel diameters ranging from 2″ to 12″ and with load capacities from 75 to 6,000 lbs. per caster. They offer wheels in a range of materials including semi-steel, v-groove, solid rubber hard, solid rubber soft, and solid polyurethane. Our team will evaluate your weight capacity, flooring, operating conditions, and characteristics needed in order to recommend the perfect Bond casters and wheels for your application.

Bond Casters

  • Bond Toplock Stem CasterStem Casters (75-500 lbs capacity) – Common applications: display cases, furniture, wire carts, security doors, replacement casters.
  • Light to Medium Duty Casters (75-650 lbs capacity) – Common applications: dollies, laundry and food handling carts, light equipment, heavy office and institutional equipment.
  • Cast Iron Casters (75-1500 lbs capacity) – Well suited for high temperature applications. Often used for rugged service in factories and industrial plants.
  • Medium to Heavy Duty Casters (200-1500 lbs capacity) – Common applications: warehouse trucks and dollies, factory trucks, platform trucks, portable racks and shelving.
  • Heavy Duty Casters (470-2500 lbs capacity) – Designed for heavy duty manual and medium duty power drawn operations. 
  • Heavy Duty Mity-Mite Casters – (1500 lbs capacity) – Designed for very heavy in-plant service and features high capacity, low height and long life.
  • Bond Extra Heavy Duty Caster Series 72-AExtra Heavy Duty Casters (840-4000 lbs capacity) – Designed specifically for power drawn applications. Excellent wheel selection.
  • Super Duty Casters (840-4000 lbs capacity) – Heavy, rugged casters precision engineered and built to meet extra capacity demands.
  • Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Casters (1680-4000 lbs capacity) – Common applications: heavy duty trailers and carts.
  • Cart/Economy Casters (400-1200 lbs capacity) – Common applications: portable equipment, warehouse trucks and dollies, portable racks and shelving, light duty tow lines.

Bond Wheels

  • Plain Bore Semi-steel Wheels
  • Roller Bearing Semi-steel Wheels
  • Bond Caster Bonduthane Polyurethane Tread WheelBonduthane Polyurethane Tread With Steel Center Wheels
  • Bonduthane Polyurethane On Aluminum Center
  • Anti-static Solid Polyurethane Wheels
  • Solid Polyurethane Wheels
  • Bondcelon (Phenolic) Wheels
  • V-groove Wheels – Steel
  • Solid Rubber Wheels Light Duty
  • Solid Rubber Wheels Light To Medium Duty
  • Vulc-on Rubber Tread Steel Center Wheels
  • Vulc-on Aluminum Center Rubber Tread Wheels
  • Bondrelene Injection Molded Polyolefin Plastic Wheels
  • Tuffbond UHMW Plastic Wheels

The In-Stock Source for Bond Casters and Wheels

Douglas Equipment has a large in-stock selection of Bond Casters and Wheels in our Miami warehouse. Whether you email, call, or walk-in, our team of experts guide you through the caster selection process. Ensuring that you have the correct caster for your application – the first time. 

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