Best Semi-Pneumatic Wheels by Bulk

Best Semi-Pneumatic Wheels by BulkThe Concept of Pneumatic

To best understand semi-pneumatic, it is first necessary to have a full understanding of what pneumatic means. The term pneumatic means that there is an item that is filled with a form of compressed inert gas. This term can often refer to a specific design of caster wheel. In this way the technology lends itself to many different uses and types of applications that can be very beneficial to many different shipping, industrial, and mechanical industries. This usefulness can also be transferred to these industries with the use of similar, yet different semi-pneumatic wheels.

The Difference Between Semi and Regular

Semi-Pneumatic wheels have a similar look, however the design is slightly different. The difference is, that instead of having compressed air inside the tire they have a tire that is made of extra thick solid soft rubber that sets on a center that is often made of industrial plastic. Although the semi-pneumatic wheels can be less durable in some ways than pneumatic wheels, they do have some nice features. Due to the fact that the tires are not filled with air, the worry of a flat tire is eliminated. Also, semi-pneumatic wheels can help to reduce the shock and vibration that may be a problem from floors that are not smooth. It is important to note, however, that semi-pneumatic wheels can be used on surfaces such as grass, but they should not be used on surfaces such as gravel or sand. Another interesting characteristic is that the semi-pneumatic wheel’s footprint is less than a regular pneumatic wheel’s footprint; however, semi-pneumatic wheels have a greater capacity.

Other Details To Choose

Once you are familiar with these things and once you have decided that either full pneumatic or semi-pneumatic caster wheels may be the best option for you there are still many choices to be made. Although the category of pneumatic casters is a smaller field of casters there are still options in size and wheel material to choose from. Depending on the type of job to be performed and the work conditions in which it will be performed, these details need to be paid attention to because they will play an important role in the functionality and the longevity of the caster.

Keeping the Options Open

You may have come to the solid decision that pneumatic caster wheels or semi-pneumatic caster wheels are the exact type of casters for the job you have at hand. However, in the full assessment of the job that needs to be performed, you may come to the conclusion that another type of caster may be better suited. In this case there are many other options to consider that are available to you. Therefore it is very important to make sure that the process by which you decide the best option is very thorough. This can be accomplished through a series of questions.

Knowing Which Questions Will Help You Make the Best Choice

When trying to determine which caster is the best caster for the job, asking the right question can be just as important as knowing what the answer may be. The first thing to ask is, what exactly is the job to be performed? What is the item that needs to be moved or transported? What is the work environment that the casters will have to travel over? Is the terrain bumpy or smooth? Is it slippery? Will the casters be exposed in any way to hazardous or corrosive liquids or material? Will the item or equipment being moved need to be handled in a certain way? Is it fragile or unbalanced? Or maybe it is extra-heavy? Is it shaped in an unusual way? Another aspect to consider that is sometimes not thought of is whether or not the workplace or environment is one in which noise level should be a concern. Certain materials of wheels combined with certain types of floors can either greatly increase or decrease noise level and it is something that should be considered. Also, is the location where the casters are going to be used one that is considered to have high visibility? Meaning, are the aesthetic properties of items important to the overall look and impression of the workplace?  As can be imagined, these are just some of the questions that can be asked to help to make the decision of which casters will be the best ones for the job.

Even More Options

Knowing the different answers to these questions can suggest that different castes may be better suited for specific jobs; therefore, it is important to have a basic understanding of the different types of casters that are available to you to choose from. Generally speaking, casters come in three sub-categories, Light, Medium and Heavy. These sub-categories refer to the weight bearing load capacity of each caster. This is an important first distinction to be made. Then within each category there are a host of other details that can be chosen such as, wheel type and material, attachment method and even aesthetic properties such as metal finishes. This is just the beginning of the options available, and therefore it is important, when trying to choose the best caster, to find a supplier who has a full knowledge of the products currently available.

A Trusted Supplier

No matter what you decide is the right caster for your needs, Douglas Equipment can help you to feel confident that you made the right choice. With over fifty years of experience in the moving equipment business we understand the detailed needs of your industry. We strive to pair your needs with the best piece of equipment or caster that will be the best suited, keeping your cost low and the overall time spent on making the decision small.

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