Best Heavy Duty Caster Wheel Distributor in Miami

Best Heavy Duty Caster Wheel Distributor in MiamiIf you are choosing a caster you will quickly come to realize that they are broadly divided into three categories; light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. For the toughest jobs you want the toughest casters, so if you are looking for casters that will stand up to extremely heavy loads in rough conditions you want a heavy duty caster. While a smaller caster may suffice for a short time, in the long run you will be dealing with premature wear and failure of the caster.

At Douglas Equipment we have been in the business of high quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955 and we know that cutting corners on casters can only cause you grief. If you are trying to move a heavy load you don’t want to skimp on the durability and reliability of the casters you choose. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of service professionals has the information you need to match the right caster to your exact needs.

Our selection of high quality heavy duty casters come from some of the best caster manufacturers in the world; Albion, Algood, Aubin, Bestway , Blickle, Caster Concepts, Colson, Darcor , Darnell-Rose, Fairbanks, Faultless, Hamilton, Jarvis, Medcaster, R & K,  Rhombus, Shepherd,  Superior and TREW. Here are a few of the suppliers we work with and some of their heavy-duty casters that might be considered for your unique situation:


Faultless is one of the world’s premier caster manufacturers and wheels with more than 10,000 high-quality caster combinations and has been a specialist in this field since 1889. The staff is always working to improve caster designs.

  • SHX 1400 Shock Absorbing Low Profile Casters: Designed to provide added protection when moving sensitive payloads. These casters have seen extensive testing for a wide variety of impacts and vibration levels that may occur in transportation. They include a shock absorbing mechanism to protect the loads during the temporary capacity excess seen during shock. Casters have a corrosion resistant black oxide standard finish with an option of corrosion resistant zinc. Wheels are glass filled nylon, 1 13/16” wide by 3” diameter. Load capacities of up to 1600 pounds.


Hamilton has been producing casters in Hamilton, Ohio since 1907, and in over 100 years they have learned to build quality, performance and endurance into their casters. One of their specialties is their own design: Hamilton Precision Integrated (HPI) swivel technology. It’s a swivel technology found on many of their forged steel casters, which outperforms the conventional CNC-machined ball raceways.

  • EHD Series, Extra Heavy Duty Casters: Designed for heavy industrial applications where it is necessary to ensure dependable operation, these casters are used in industries like shipbuilding, jet engine factories and heavy equipment manufacturers. The casters include HPI premium raceways that are CNC-machined & hardened. The casters are machined from drop-forged steel for a rugged and easy swivel operation. Load capacity ranges from 840 lbs to 10,000 lbs with wheel diameters of 6” to 12”.


Jarvis International Manufacturing has invested in the latest caster manufacturing equipment so that they can produce products quickly. With 240,000 casters manufactured a day (more than 10,000 per hour!), Jarvis suppliers are always in stock.

  • B27 Series Kingpinless Swivel & Rigid Plate: A kingpinless style swivel raceway constructed from 3/8” steel top plate and ½” ball bearings mounted in a heat-treated precision machined raceway. The zinc finish protects against rust and corrosion and a grease fitting allows for maintenance of the bearings. Wheel options are 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” with 3” width and come in the following materials: cast iron, ductile iron, forged steel, mold-on rubber, phenolic and polyurethane. Capacities up to 5,000 pounds.


Rhombus is a German manufacturer of wheels and casters. In fact, they’re the oldest manufacturer of such products in Europe. They have over 100 years in the business of manufacturing casters and have used this to ensure the greatest safety in all of their products. RHOMBUS ensures that every single caster that leaves their facility goes through sufficient tests and trials to verify that the casters meet the highest quality standards.

  • Strong Man TSH: This heavy steel welded caster includes a special turntable with a pressed ball track to provide the swivel action and easy maneuverability. Also included are tapered roller bearings, grease filled to allow for easy rolling and a grease nipple in the fork head for maintenance. The zinc passivated caster will easily carry a load capacity of 1400 Kg.


For over 55 years Shepherd has been a leading designer of casters and wheels for many OEM markets. Shepherd prides themselves on excellence in design, quality manufacturing, global sourcing and environmental responsibility when designing and manufacturing their high quality products.

  • Shepherd Bassick Honcho HS/HR Series: Built to carry a large amount of weight while remaining strong and dependable. These heavy-duty casters are perfect for terminal trucks, power-towed applications, or other heavy and abusive applications. Wheels are 2-1/2” wide and come in material options including Urethane on Aluminum; wheel diameters of 6”, 8” and 10”, with a capacity of 1750 pound for moving larger loads.

Where to Go for the Best Heavy Duty Casters in Miami

If you’re in need of some heavy duty casters but aren’t sure which products will best meet your needs, contact Douglas Equipment and let our experts help you.