Wesco Service Carts: Plastic vs. Steel

Wesco Service Carts: Plastic vs. SteelIf you are in the service business, you have likely realized that having the right service carts can improve efficiency and employee safety. It saves time and reduces the risk of employee injury due to muscle strain; both of which will save you money. If you are moving smaller loads on relatively even floor surfaces, then a service cart may be just what you need. But with so many options which service cart is right for your needs?

One of the first things to consider is if you want a plastic cart or one made of steel. Here are a few of the benefits and drawbacks for both of these options and some examples that we can offer when we work through your personal requirements:

Plastic Service Carts

Plastic service carts are optimal for many uses and are extremely lightweight and reliable. The plastic used has good resistance to failure under heavy loads and the casters are suitable for the loads specified. If a flat top service cart is something you need, this is not available in the steel models. Plastic service carts are dependable, reliable and widely used across many different industries.

One drawback of the plastic models is the possibility of damage to the plastic due to nicks, scratches and gouges. In the food industry this can be problematic if dirt and germs are held under the scratched plastic surface.  Below are a few examples of high quality plastic service carts from Wesco.

  • Standard Duty Plastic Service Cart 16” X 30”: This standard duty service cart from Wesco offers full plastic construction with trays on the top and bottom. The top tray has an integral handle built in for convenience. Dimensions are width 17.25”, depth 34”and height 30.635” with a weight of 36 pounds and a capacity of 500 pounds. The cart includes 5” mold-on rubber casters that are fixed at the front and swiveled at the back for excellent ability to turn and maneuver.

    A larger version is also available with dimensions of width 25.5”, depth 40.25”, height 32.5, weight 49 pounds and capacity of 500 pounds. Also available is an economy model service cart with dimensions of width 17.25”, depth 34”, height 30.635”, weight 36 pounds and capacity of 330 pounds.

  • Flat Top Plastic Service Cart 25.5” X 34”: This model is similar to the standard duty cart, but has a flat top with an integrated handle. This means there are no sides so that larger or oddly shaped items can hang over the sides. Dimensions are width 25.5”, depth 40.25” and height 32.5” with 5” mold-on rubber casters. The unit weighs 43 pounds and has a capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Deluxe Model Plastic Service Cart: Another solid plastic construction with top and bottom shelf but a greater load capacity. The handle in this model is attached to the top shelf, but could also be removed if desired. Dimensions are width 16.5”, depth 37.5”, height 33.5” with 5” mold-on rubber casters that are fixed at the front and swivel at the rear. The unit weighs 36.6 pounds but has a capacity of 550 pounds load weight.

Steel Service Carts

The greatest benefit to the steel service cart is the flexibility that is not available with the plastic models. For moving many smaller items the addition of the third center tray on many steel service carts is invaluable as this increases the surface area of the cart by 50%; basically adding another half cart to the area available to hold objects. Additionally, if you want to have some tools or other items available, but out of the way, then the pull out drawer is a great asset as well. For example, if you’re hauling cardboard boxes that need to be broken down before getting tossed in the compactor, you can keep box cutters in the drawer.

The biggest drawback of these carts is that there is no flat top model, which makes carrying larger items more difficult. The lack of friction between the cart surface and the object you’re carrying can cause things to slide off.

  • Steel Service Cart 2 Shelf with Casters 16” X 30”: This steel construction service cart from Wesco includes features a top and bottom tray with 3.5” sides so that items don’t slip off the tray and also features a handle on the top tray. The dimensions are width 16”, depth 33” with a height of 32”. The cart has 5” hard rubber casters that are fixed at the front and swivel at the rear for optimal maneuverability. The cart weighs only 35 pounds with a capacity of 500 pounds. Options for this cart include a third middle tray and a small drawer that attaches under the top tray. A larger model is available with dimensions of Width 24”, Depth 39” and Height 32” which weighs 48 pounds and has a capacity of 500 pounds.

The Service You Need When Choosing a Service Cart

When you are choosing the service cart that is right for your needs, contact Douglas Equipment. Our expert team of dedicated service personnel can help you to choose the right cart for your unique needs. We have been in the material handling equipment business for almost 60 years and are here to help you with any questions you may have.