7 Uses for Wesco Plastic Box Trucks

7 Uses for Wesco Plastic Box TrucksA useful piece of material handling equipment for bulky and hard-to-control loads is the plastic box truck. These trucks are one of the best solutions for storing, protecting and transporting bulky, heavy materials that otherwise could be problematic to move. Anything that can be easily stacked into a bin can be moved with the Wesco plastic box truck.

Which Plastic Box Trucks Are Available?

The plastic box truck is like a large plastic bin on wheels, only designed to be more durable and maneuverable. The box is a heavy-duty molded polyethylene bin that comes in five sizes and five color choices. The color choices are grey, blue, white, red and yellow.

Tub weights range from 20 pounds with all casters assembled to 69 pounds. The bin sizes and capacities are:

  • 32 gallons (4 bushels) which can hold up to 350 pounds
  • 64 gallons (8 bushels) which can hold up to 450 pounds
  • 96 gallons (12 bushels) which can hold up to 550 pounds
  • 128 gallons (16 bushels) which can hold up to 600 pounds
  • 160 gallons (20 bushels) which can hold up to 600 pounds

Each bin is attached to two fixed casters and two swivel casters for greater maneuverability and positioning. The wheels on all but the smallest model are mounted on a 5-ply plywood base for extra rigidity, and can be ordered in the standard configuration on each corner of the box or the diamond configuration where the casters are mounted in the center of each side.

Caster choices include 5” polyurethane caster wheels, which are great for smooth interior surfaces such as warehouse or manufacturing floors or 8” pneumatic wheels that are useful if you need to maneuver the truck outside over uneven or rough terrain. With all the sizes, colors and wheel options there should be at least one plastic box truck that is right for you.

How You Can Use Wesco Plastic Box Trucks

If you think about your manufacturing facility we are sure you could identify many uses for the plastic box truck, but here are seven examples that you can consider or modify to suit your needs:

  1. Rolling Parts Bins: For a bin that is loaded from one machine and needs to be sorted and hand fed into the next, a plastic box truck can be invaluable. This allows for the first operator to fill the cart in place at their machine and then move it to a new location for pick up from the second operator. Rolling parts bins allow you to monitor and maintain the flow of parts through your facility with ease.


  1. Chemicals: If you need to move bottles of chemicals around your facility then the plastic box truck is ideal. The bin holds the bottle from sliding onto the floor during transport. Should there be an accident where a bottle breaks, the spill is safely contained within the box.
  2. Rolling Scrap Bins: Like the rolling parts bins, a scrap bin that allows an operator to accumulate scrap parts and keep them separate from the acceptable parts is important. In this way you can make sure that the scrap parts are not moved to the next operation, but still make them easily removable for disposal when the bin is full.
  3. Outdoor Garden Bin: For the gardens around your facility a bin that allows employees to move tools such as rakes and shovels, and still carry waste such as leaves, dirt and branches is a great asset. Using a plastic box truck with large pneumatic wheels can make this task easy and efficient.
  4. Wet Laundry: As a means of collecting laundry to be cleaned, or moved from the washing machine to the dryer, a plastic box bin is ideal. Leave one in the cloakroom to collect the dirty coats and then wheel it away when the coats are to be cleaned. The bin prevents any water from spilling onto the floor when the laundry is wet. They’re also ideal for hotels with maid service who must collect dirty wash towels or bed sheets from each room.
  5. Small Packages: If you need to collect and move many small packages then the plastic box truck can be one of your best tools. Using a traditional cart can be problematic, as the boxes can tend to fall over and off of the cart, where the box truck safely and easily contains these packages during transport.
  6. Organization: One of the best features for the plastic box truck is that the various colors let you easily segregate items in a visual manner. If you use a red bin for scrap parts and a blue bin for acceptable parts it is easy for operators to know which bin to move to the next operation. Likewise different colored bins for different chemicals that are not compatible can help prevent accidental mixing of dangerous chemicals during a spill. The possibilities to visually identify different items for your employees are numerous.

Douglas Equipment: The Place to Turn for Plastic Box Trucks

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