Dock Fan with an Extending Arm and Powerful Lamp

272340The work done at industrial facilities across the country is not for the faint of heart, with many workers putting in particularly long hours and working in conditions that can vary from freezing cold to swelteringly hot. That’s especially true for those who work near loading docks, where the outside temperature directly impacts how easy it is to get the job done. One thing that unites both commercial and industrial businesses is that they believe in making this job as comfortable as possible for their dedicated employees.

One key way to ensure the comfort of employees who work in commercial or industrial docks is to provide a dock fan. This fan attaches to the wall and can optionally feature a powerful lamp, providing relief from temperatures and helping to air out shipment trucks, the docks itself, and other areas of the facility. With the right product, bright light and a light breeze can come together for the convenience and benefit of industrial employees.

What to look For: A Dock Fan with an Extending Arm and Lamp

The key thing to look for when buying a dock fan is the ability to move the fan in a large number of different directions. The best way to do this is to look for a fan that comes with an extending arm. Typically, this allows the fan to be mounted to the wall of a dock and then extend outward in any direction to cool workers, air out a truck, or provide much-needed light during the darker hours of the day.

Speaking of light, a lamp is an absolute necessity when ordering a dock fan for a commercial or industrial dock. This allows the fan to serve two purposes, making the job infinitely easier. One of the great things about the lamps provided with dock fans is that they’re typically quite powerful, serving more as a main source of light than the mere “lamp” implied by the product’s description.

Choose the Size and Extension Range that Works for the Facility

Of course, dock fans with extending arms come with a large number of sizes and lengths that make them perfect for a diverse number of facilities. Be sure to measure the facility where the fan and lamp will be installed in order to understand which size is appropriate. With the right length and reach, the fan will be a relief that stays out of the way and helps, rather than hinders, the job that employees are doing.

Douglas Equipment Has the Dock Fans that Business Owners Need

For several decades, Douglas Equipment has been helping commercial, industrial, and medical business owners secure the products that they need to make their jobs a little bit easier. That extends to dock fans with powerful lamps, which are one of the most popular products among those companies with loading bays and docks that are regularly in use.

Our experience allows us to recommend the best products for each unique customer, ensuring their long-term satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can put this expertise to work for you and your business.