4 Ways to Make Your Shipping and Delivery Service More Efficient

4 Ways to Make Your Shipping and Delivery Service More EfficientThere are many different types of shipping and delivery services and no one piece of material handling equipment is ideal for every application. If you are use large trucks carrying large loads you will have the ability to use equipment like fork lift trucks or truck stackers.

However, if you have a smaller delivery truck with smaller loads you will want to look to smaller equipment like hand trucks and platform trucks. Material handling will make employees more efficient, but it needs to be the right piece of equipment.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right equipment to make your shipping or delivery service more efficient.

How Tall is Your Delivery Vehicle?

If you have a large 18-wheeler, then loading with a fork lift may be a viable option, but there are other things that can be used especially if the delivery truck is not very tall. If a palleted load needs to be moved onto your truck without being lifted then a pallet truck is just as efficient as a fork lift, and more efficient that trying to load the packages by hand.

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck: This steel frame pallet truck incorporates an electric motor that aids in propelling the pallet truck when moving, but still relies on a manual hydraulic pump to raise the forks. Dimensions are Width 27”, Height 48.5”, Depth 65.75” and a capacity of 2200 pounds. The unit itself weighs 397 pounds with 10” polyurethane steering wheels.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck: This simple 27X48 pallet truck makes moving a large pallet easy and increases maneuverability with the rotating back wheels. Dimensions are Width 27”, Height 48”, Depth 63” and a capacity of 4400 pounds (47.25 cubic feet). The unit weighs 172 pounds with size 7 Mold-on polyurethane wheels.

Do You Need to Lift a Load?

Even if you need to lift a load, a forklift may not be the right tool for the job. These units are large, expensive and require more maintenance than smaller pieces of material handling equipment. Smaller equipment can often perform the same tasks when the extreme power of a forklift is not needed. Introducing the fork stacker and high lift pallet truck:

Powered Telescoping Fork Stacker:  This stacker makes it easy to lift heavy loads onto shelving of varying heights.  Dimensions are Width 48”, Height 87.5”, Depth 68” with a steel frame and a capacity of 2000 pounds (which it can lift over ten feet into the air). The stacker weighs 1230 pounds and incorporates 8” Nylon drive wheels and 6” Nylon casters at the front.

Electric High Lift Pallet Truck: This 27X45 pallet truck incorporates an electric scissor lift that allows you to raise the pallet load into working position or onto a low shelf. The truck weighs 373 pounds and incorporates 6” mold-on Polyurethane wheels. Dimensions are Width 27”, Height 48.5”, Depth 60” and a capacity of 2200 pounds. 

If You’re Only Moving Boxes and Small Loads

For smaller delivery trucks powered equipment can be unnecessary and costly. For loading and unloading packages and small loads like office equipment there is still equipment that can help make this task more efficient. With this equipment you can aid the delivery operator with a smaller piece of equipment that can be easily stored and transported on the delivery truck. This is where hand trucks and platform trucks are invaluable.

Greenline Economical 2-in-1 Hand Truck: This simple hand truck has a steel construction with semi-pneumatic main wheels and additional solid rubber swivel casters.  The hand truck has two large main wheels for moving objects vertically and two smaller wheels so that you can lay the hand truck down to use like a cart. Dimensions are Width 20”, Height 48”, Depth 16” with a capacity of 300 pounds on 2 wheels and 400 pounds on 4 wheels. The hand truck weighs 37 pounds.

Economy Steel Folding Handle Truck: This steel frame truck has a large folding handle for easy storage when not in use. Dimensions are Width 23”, Height 32.5”, Depth 35” with a capacity of 400 pounds (15.14 cubic feet). The truck weighs 40.8 pounds and has size 5 thermoplastic rubber casters.

If You Deliver In Multiple Story Buildings

For climbing flights of stairs there are attachments available for your material handling equipment that can make it easy to deliver even heavy loads like appliances to multiple floors. If you are delivering to buildings that will require you to ascend a staircase, it is worthwhile to find the right equipment with the ability to make this task efficient and safe.

Stairclimber for 100 Series Hand Truck: This larger hand truck includes a belt attachment for hauling heavy loads up stairs. It fits on the 100 series hand truck, which has a steel frame construction and semi-pneumatic wheels.  Dimensions are Width 22.5”, Height 48”, Depth 24” with a capacity of 500 pounds for the 100 series hand truck. The hand truck weighs 37 pounds and the stairclimber attachment adds an additional 7 pounds.

StairKing Battery Powered Stair Climbing Appliance Truck: With a welded aluminum construction this heavy duty truck has a load capacity of 850 pounds. An auto rewind ratchet works first to take the slack out of the cargo belt and then provides a ratchet crank to securely tighten the load for greater safety.

Included is a ½ horsepower high torque motor that runs cooler under load and an industrial grade gear box to transmit steady power more preferably than other gear boxes. The large 2” diameter polyurethane lifting feet provide more secure stair gripping to prevent slipping on flights of stairs.

Dimensions are width 24” and depth 12” with heights of either 66” or 72” and the units have 6” mold-on rubber wheels.

Supreme Service When You Need It

The Douglas Equipment service team have spent significant time learning the different aspects of the shipping and delivery business as well as the types of material handling equipment available to suit these needs. Contact us now to find the right piece of equipment to perform the right tasks in the unique setting that your business requires.