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What are the Uses of Rolling Safety Ladders?

What are the Uses of Rolling Safety Ladders?Rolling safety ladders allow individuals to safely access high shelves and collections of items. These ladders are constructed with many safety features. Rolling ladders are mobile and many are equipped with swivel casters to allow the ladder fit into narrow aisles and small spaces. These rolling ladders are also equipped with safety railings to enhance stability for the worker.

The steps of rolling safety ladders are skid-proofed with alterations such as corrugated metal or a slip resistant coating material. Safety ladders on rollers are designed for use by one worker at a time. OSHA has published guideline for the safe use of all types of ladders, including rolling safety ladders. Following OSHA guidelines ensures that the ladders are safe in the workplace.

Industrial Uses

Rolling safety ladders are often used in industrial workplaces and warehouses. These ladders that are used in industrial settings are often made of rugged, anti-magnetic, corrosion resistant materials that are easily cleaned. Rolling ladders have either four or six heavy duty casters or wheels attached at the base. Two of the casters or wheels must be of the swivel variety.

Other Uses

Safety ladders on wheels or casters may also be used in libraries with narrow aisles. Rolling ladders provide easy access to collections on top shelves. These ladders are also used in offices, hospitals and schools. Because the ladders are often made of aluminum, they are lightweight and easily moved by one person.

Best Practices

When safety ladders on rollers are used in industrial environments and warehouses, the ladders may get grease, oil and other materials on them. OSHA states that the steps of the ladders must be immediately cleaned of all contaminants, such as oil and grease. Clean the ladders with a solvent or steam. OSHA requirements state that no worker or cargo may be placed on the top step of the ladder. OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.29 outlines the safety procedures required for the use of rolling ladders in the workplace or a public setting.

Workers must face the ladder when descending or ascending and their hands should be free while using the ladder. Rolling ladders need to be stored for easy inspection and use. The ladders must be equipped with a brake or locking mechanism to prevent the ladder from moving when in use. Rolling ladders with more than five steps must also have a step width of a minimum of 16 inches and must be equipped with hand rails that measure 29 inches high.

Ladders in excess of 10 feet high need to have guardrails on both sides and across the top of the ladder. The height of the railing is required to be between 36 and 42 inches high. Safety ladders on wheels or casters are used for a variety of applications, from industrial use to use in hospitals and schools. These ladders are easily moved and fit into confined spaces. For a wide selection of high quality rolling ladders to meet any industrial or non-industrial need, visit our online inventory.