Motorized Pallet Jack Trucks Can Help You Optimize Your Warehouse Operations

Aluminum Hand Trucks: The Lightweight Alternative to Steel Hand TrucksA motorized pallet jack truck can be the first big step into more efficient warehouse operations. With a powered pallet jack, you’ll be able to load and unload inventory with greater ease and efficiency. Hydraulic jacks are great, but to complete repetitive heavy loading and unloading done over an eight hour shift really requires powered jacks to increase speed while simultaneously reducing risk of worker injury. This can help improve productivity in the warehouse and reduce the amount of man hours needed to accomplish tasks. These increases in efficiency can help to greatly reduce operating costs.

Located in South Florida, Douglas Equipment has been in business since 1955. We’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience selling a wide array of casters and material shipping equipment. We service heavy industrial manufacturing clients as well as clients in the service and hospitality industries like hotels and restaurants. Our residential clients also have access to our great deals and high quality products. Our location also allows fast shipping to Caribbean and South American countries as well as anywhere in the United States. We believe that our Wesco line of powered pallet jacks can be of great benefit to the warehouse environment. Whether you’re looking for a light duty or heavy duty truck, we’re sure we have the best equipment available at the most affordable prices.

Light Duty Trucks

Light duty trucks are great for loading, unloading, and storing standard pallets with moderate weight. They are easy to use and can be operated with little difficulty. The Wesco 27” x 48” Light Duty Powered Walkie Pallet Truck is a great example. It’s fully powered. It has 45 inch long forks that are 26.5 inches apart. The throttle features an ergonomic design with controls for both forward and reverse speeds, lift and lower controls, a belly reverse safety button, horn, and an electromagnetic disk brake with an automatic dead man feature when the handle is released. It has a lift speed under load of 1.36 seconds and a lower under load speed of 1.95 seconds. The quick lift speed allows you to move pallets speedily from off the floor to lower level storage shelves. This light duty truck also has a maximum capacity of 3,300 pounds and is key operated. It comes with two 12V/91Ah batteries and has a built in 12V/15A charger. Since it’s made out of steel, it can take high amounts of abuse and shock. Additionally, it has polyurethane wheels that help ensure safe smooth transport without scuffing or scratching the flooring surface.

Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy duty trucks don’t just refer to the fact that they can handle more weight than a standard light duty truck. It also means that the heavy duty truck can withstand more shock and abuse as well as more intense daily activity. The 27” x 48” Heavy Duty Powered Walkie Pallet Truck amply fulfills these objectives. This heavy duty powered walkie pallet truck is ergonomically designed for a user friendly experience and has the same controls in the ergonomically design handles as the light duty powered walkie pallet truck. This includes controls for both forward and reverse speeds, lift and lower controls, a belly reverse safety button, horn, and an electromagnetic disk brake with an automatic dead man feature when the handle is released. It features a turning radius of 65.5 degrees and can lift and move 4,400 pounds, which is another ton more than the light duty truck. These heavy duty pallet truck features more power to last longer with three 8V/195Ah batteries.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

High lift pallet trucks are great for loading and lifting loads higher than the capacity of a standard pallet truck. This is especially useful if you work in a warehouse with reinforced shelving. In order to accomplish this, these pallet trucks must be capable of handling shock and abuse in order to lift thousands of pounds higher than average pallet trucks. We offer two great Wesco brands: The Electric High Lift Pallet Truck Model NTEHL21 – 21X45 and the Electric High Lift Pallet Truck Model TEHL21 – 21X45.

The NTELHL21 electric pallet truck is great for use in a warehouse where inventory may be stored on multiple shelves, requiring a strong stable pallet truck to load and unload pallets above a standard pallet truck’s height. This version is the non-telescoping version; however, it can safely lift 2,200 pounds with no problem. With 45 inch long forks, this pallet truck can handle standard size pallets. It also has a 180 degree turning radius, steel design for heavy duty work, and mold on polyurethane wheels for smooth and stable rolling.

The TEHL21 electric pallet truck is the telescoping model and it has an even higher load capacity of 3,000 pounds. With the telescoping characteristics of this model, greater weight is able to be lifted due to the increased strength and stability. This version comes with many of the same comforts and useful tools of the NTELHL21. It also features an overload bypass and a 12V battery charger.

Specialty Trucks

Specialty trucks are very useful when your business deviates from standard size pallets. One example of this would be the Pallet Truck Stacker by Wesco. The forks can be adjusted for width which really helps when lifting irregularly sized pallets. Like all the other Wesco trucks we’ve discussed, this specialty truck has an ergonomic handle with forward and reverse speeds, lift and lower controls, a belly reverse safety button, horn, and an electromagnetic disk brake with an automatic dead man feature when the handle is released. This pallet truck has a maximum capacity of 2,200 lbs. It comes with two 12V/91Ah batteries and a built in charger. The wheels are made of the same high quality polyurethane in previous models.

Optimal Customer Service

Obviously, we can’t talk about every benefit that comes from these great motorized pallet jack trucks. We encourage you to contact us for more information before you purchase any material handling equipment. Our knowledgeable customer support service can listen to your needs and guide you to the pallet truck that actually meets your needs without forcing you to pay for bells and whistles that you won’t use.