How to Make Your Warehouse More Efficient (Without Breaking the Bank)

How to Make Your Warehouse More Efficient (Without Breaking the Bank)How can you make your warehouse more efficient without breaking the bank? This is a question asked time and again by warehouse managers around the world, especially with smaller warehouses. There is always a struggle between spending the money to get better material handling equipment, and the perceived notion that only large and expensive material handling equipment will solve the problem.

At Douglas Equipment we have been in the business of material handling equipment since 1955, and we know that more efficient equipment does not need to always mean extremely expensive equipment. We are confident that we can help you find the right material handling equipment at a price that is within your budget.

Is There Middle Ground?

Many people think that a forklift truck is a necessity of any warehouse, but this is not necessarily the case. If you are not lifting loaded pallets onto shelving then you are not using the most important part of a forklift truck, its ability to lift loads. In these cases you can just as easily incorporate a standard style pallet truck (often called a pallet jack) into your tasks to move loads more easily than unloading the boxes from a pallet and using a hand dolly. Some models of these standard trucks that we carry include:

  • Long Fork Pallet Truck: This model has a steel construction with an extended fork for longer pallets. Dimensions are Width 27”, Height 49”, Depth 86” and a capacity of 4,460 pounds. The unit weighs 308 pounds and has 7” mold-on polyurethane steering wheels.
  • Semi-Electric Pallet Truck: This steel frame pallet truck incorporates an electric motor that aids in propelling the pallet truck when moving, but still relies on a manual hydraulic pump to raise the forks. Dimensions are Width 27”, Height 48.5”, Depth 65.75” and a capacity of 2,200 pounds. The unit itself weighs 397 pounds with 10” polyurethane steering wheels.

But what if you need to lift some loads when a pallet truck just won’t do? Is there less expensive equipment where quality and affordability can meet? We think there is. There are many options when tasks or budget won’t allow a forklift.

  • Powered Telescoping Fork Stacker: This stacker makes it easy to lift heavy loads onto shelving, even high shelves.  Dimensions are Width 48”, Height 87.5”, Depth 68” with a steel frame and a capacity of 2,000 pounds (which it can lift over ten feet into the air). The stacker weighs 1,230 pounds and incorporates 8” Nylon drive wheels and 6” Nylon casters at the front.
  • Electric High Lift Pallet Truck: This is a specially designed pallet truck with a scissor lift that allows you to raise a loaded skid onto a low shelf, or into working position. Dimensions are Width 27”, Height 48.5”, Depth 60” and a capacity of 2,200 pounds. The truck weighs 373 pounds and incorporates 6” mold-on Polyurethane wheels.

From our South Florida location we can easily deliver both pallet trucks and fork stackers anywhere in the entire United States, and we can also quickly ship products to South America and the Caribbean as well.

What About Specialized Loads Like Barrels?

If you do happen to have a forklift for other reasons, and need to move drums occasionally, we also have drum mounts for your forklift that allow for the movement and placement of 55 gallon steel drums. These units are inexpensive, safer to use than rigging something with the forks of the forklift truck, and are easily attached and detached from the forklift for ease of use.

  • GG-F2 Drum Fork Mount – Model GRIP: GATOR DBL Fork: This steel forklift attachment allows two 55 gallon steel drums to be lifted and moved without additional pallets underneath. Dimensions are Width 32”, Height 37”, Depth 28” with a capacity of 1,600 pounds. The unit weighs 340 pounds.
  • MORspeed TM Forklift Attachments: These attachments allow for fast handling of rimmed drums with your forklift. You can lift, move and place drums right from the forklift, and the attachment mounts to your forklift in seconds without any tools and no power connections. Massive steel jaws grip under the rim of the drum with a capacity of 1500 pounds per drum, and are available for one and two drum handling applications.

But what if you only need to move barrels and having an entire forklift truck is too much expense in initial layout and upkeep costs? There are smaller, less expensive pallet-style trucks that are designed to carry drums from a pallet to your work area then back again.

  • Pallet Truck Drum Lifter – Model PTDL: This pallet truck is specifically outfitted for safely clamping and lifting steel drums. Dimensions are Width 28.5”, Height 47.5” and depth 42” with a capacity of 660 pounds to accommodate full steel drums easily. The unit weighs 115 pounds with 8” Nylon steering wheels and 1” nylon casters.
  • Drum Movers / Palletizers: These uniquely designed units can lift a drum up to 19” high and then quickly and easily move a heavy drum to and from a pallet. Simply move the drum palletizer to the drum, raise the head to automatically engage the upper drum rim, then the gripper holds the drum in an upright position for you to transport. The unit works for drums made of rimmed steel, plastic or fiber with a minimum height of 28.5”, and has a capacity of 1,000 pounds.

Dedicated Service Professionals for Supreme Service

Douglas Equipment have been in the material handling equipment business for almost 60 years and our dedicated service team is here to help you with any questions you may have and can help guide you to the equipment that best meets your needs and your budget.