High Lift Pallet Jack Trucks: Versatility and Movability

Motorized Pallet Jack Trucks Can Help You Optimize Your Warehouse OperationsThe high lift pallet truck is a lifesaver for a variety of space conscious industries. Not only can you move pallets from one corner of a warehouse to another, but you can also move a pallet from one corner of the office to anywhere that is high above the floor. This makes shelving and storing goods so much more sensible and maximizes the amount of square footage you have to maintain inventory. With a high lift pallet truck, you will be able to work smarter and faster than ever before.

We have been a leader in our industry for almost 60 years. Founded in 1955, Douglas Equipment brings the type of expertise you need to cater to your material handling equipment needs. You can trust us to steer you in the right direction and give you a quality product at an affordable price. We have worked with all types of industrial clients, particularly those in the medical and hospitality industry, but we also maintain close contact with our residential customers because almost anyone that moves materials can benefit from our products. Our location in South Florida makes us an ideal seller to Caribbean and South American markets in addition to serving the entire United States.

There are many different types of high lift pallet trucks. Below you’ll find just a few examples of the finest high lift pallet trucks on the market.

Manual High Lift Pallet Truck Model NTSHL21

The manual high lift pallet truck by Wesco is a great entry level model while you are contemplating making the jump to an electric powered pallet truck. This hydraulic pump pallet truck is great for easily lifting or lowering a pallet. It also comes with a one year pump warranty. The forks are 21 inches apart and 44.5 inches long. The raised height of the forks is 31.5” while the lowered height is 3.6”. It has a maximum capacity of 2,200 pounds, which will give you a great way of storing heavy objects off the flooring surface. Speaking of flooring surfaces, this pallet truck has moldon polyurethane wheels that are resistant to grease, oil, moisture, and many chemicals. The wheels provide smooth transport without scuffing or scratching the floor.

This pallet truck is constructed out of steel to provide ample shock and abuse resistance. It has a 180 degree steering arc and a convenient handle design which consists of a loop handle with inside hand control. This is the non-telescoping model of the manual high lift pallet truck.

Electric High Lift Pallet Truck Model NTEHL21 – 21X45

The electric high lift pallet truck model is a breath of fresh air for those that are used to operating the manual high lift pallet truck. The lifting is done entirely by battery power. This allows greater speed and efficiency with loading and lowering the pallets while greatly reducing the chance of worker injury and reductions in productivity. The forks are 45 inches long and 21 inches apart. They raise to a maximum height of 33” and can be lowered to a height of 3.3”. The lift and lowering speed is typically around 10 to 12 seconds. This is the non-telescoping model, but it can handle an amazing 2,200 pounds. It has comfort coated handles for easy operation and has the following controls: both forward and reverse speeds, lift and lower controls, a belly reverse safety button, horn, and an electromagnetic disk brake with an automatic dead man feature when the handle is released. It has a 180 degree turning radius. It has a steel construction for abuse resistance and moldon polyurethane wheels for smooth transport and moisture, chemical, oil, and grease resistance. It comes standard with a built in 12V battery charger.

Electric High Lift Pallet Truck Model TEHL21 – 21X45

This is the telescoping model of the electric high lift pallet and it really shows in the 3,000 pound capacity. Its forks are 45 inches long and 21 inches apart and raise to a height of 33” inches and can be lowered to 3.3”. This telescoping model allows greater ease for placing heavy pallets on higher shelving and storage. Like its non-telescoping version, this model comes with a comfort rubber coated handle with controls for both forward and reverse speeds, lift and lower controls, a belly reverse safety button, horn, and an electromagnetic disk brake with an automatic dead man feature when the handle is released. The battery for this unit can be charged using a separate 12V battery charger. This high lift pallet truck has a 180 degree turning radius as well as an overload bypass. Typically, one of these electric high lift pallet trucks will take 10 to 12 seconds to fully lift a load. These lift pallet trucks come standard with 3” moldon polyurethane wheels.

Versatile Customer Service

High lift pallet jack trucks are a great benefit to any company, but they are a purchase that requires a lot of thought and consideration. Fortunately for you, we have an expert customer support staff on standby ready to handle any of your concerns. We’ve been successful in our field because we believe that customer relations are key to building and growing a business. Our goal is to have repeat customers through our courtesy, knowledge, and affordable high quality material shipping equipment. When you contact us, you’ll be able to ask us any question about any product and we’ll be able to give you our expert feedback. If you do not necessarily know what type of material shipping equipment you need, our staff is ready and willing to help. We’ll ask some specific follow up questions to further narrow the options down and present you with several excellent choices.

At Douglas Equipment, we go the extra distance because we know customers want value for their hard earned dollar. A satisfied customer is the best type of publicity for our company. Contact us today and let us find a high lift pallet jack truck provides your business with the versatility and mobility you need.