Adjustable Fork Width Pallet Jack Trucks

Adjustable Fork Width Pallet Jack TrucksDon’t buy two pallet trucks – instead, buy one pallet truck that can handle two jobs!

Do you need to move some pallets that have standard entry spacing, and other pallets that have narrow spacing? You might think that you need to buy two pallet jacks: one with forks spaced at the standard 27-inch width; and another with forks spaced at a narrower width, for use on those narrowly-spaced pallets or small container openings. Douglas Equipment, however, can provide you with a single pallet truck that will work beautifully in both situations.

The Problem:

Most pallet trucks have forks that are not adjustable; they are set at a single, fixed width. Issues arise, however, because not all pallets are spaced at the standard width. When a busy worker is shifting pallets, and comes across one whose spacing is too narrow (or too wide) for the pallet jack he is using, he has a decision to make: “Do I stop work, and go find another pallet truck with the correct spacing? Or do I try to make the pallet jack I already have work with this odd-sized pallet?”

Many workers, in an effort to save time, will first attempt to use the pallet jack they already have. They might slide just one fork under a pallet that is too narrow for their pallet jack, and then lift the load with that single fork. Watch out! Even more problems can come from this approach! The load may tip as the worker moves it, and if he continues along, the pallet may gouge deep grooves into the floor. Or, if the load shifts abruptly – and it might! – loose items may fall from the pallet, causing personal injury to the operator or nearby personnel or damage to products.

Sometimes the worker will spend time restacking the items on the pallet to try and balance the load on that single fork in an attempt to keep items from falling. If the worker notices the load is unstable, he may recruit another worker to help steady the load as it’s in motion. Now two workers are doing a job that should only take one! And often, a third worker will become involved.

Frequently, two (or more!) workers will first struggle through the steps above – and might try many other ingenious techniques – before they decide, “No, the best thing to do is to go and get the other pallet jack.” So off the worker goes, on a search for the pallet truck with the correct fork width, which is usually located at the far end of the facility! Much time may be lost as the worker searches for the other pallet truck, finds it, and brings it back to the work area. And how often will he end up with two pallet jack trucks in the work area, requiring two trips to return them to the storage area?

Several other less obvious problems arise from having to move pallets with different widths. Valuable storage space is taken up if you need to keep pallet trucks with different fork widths on hand. And, of course, there is the additional expense of buying multiple pallet jacks, just to handle the various pallet sizes in a facility.

To summarize: needing to stock two or more pallet jack trucks, just to handle pallets with different widths, can cause many problems:

  • Unsafe use of a single fork under the load: worker safety, load tipping, damage to product, floor gouging, restacking pallets, two or more workers doing the work of one worker
  • Time lost in retrieving a different fork width pallet jack
  • Wasted storage space required to keep two or more pallet trucks on hand
  • Extra expense of purchasing two or more pallet jack trucks

The Solution:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy one pallet jack that could handle pallets of varying sizes? We have good news – you can!

Douglas Equipment carries a full line of products from Wesco Industrial Products, Inc., manufacturers of material handling equipment since 1948. One product in particular, Product Code WES-272744, is a pallet jack from Wesco that has adjustable forks. It can solve all of the problems discussed above.

Wesco’s Adjustable Fork Width Pallet Truck has forks that are adjustable, from a maximum of 27 inches to a minimum of 21 inches. With the forks set at 27 inches, the pallet truck can handle standard-sized pallets. For narrower pallets, changing the spacing between the forks is quick and easy:

  1. Use the provided Allen wrench to loosen two bolts in the front and two bolts in the back.
  2. Position the forks to the width you desire, as narrow as 21 inches
  3. Retighten the bolts

You will then be able to enter, lift, and move narrower pallets safely, quickly, and economically.

The Adjustable Fork Width Pallet Truck is strong and durable. It can lift up to 5,500 pounds and the pump mechanism carries a five-year warranty. The durable moldon polyurethane wheels roll smoothly and easily. The three-inch load wheels allow access under industry-standard pallets; and the seven-inch steering wheels make it easy to steer and position the forks. The steering wheels can swing up to 200 degrees. Each fork is six inches wide with tapered tips; and the maximum raised height is 7.75 inches.

The handle is 47 inches in length. For operator comfort, the ergonomic handle is padded with soft rubber. The three-position lever control is selectable between raise, neutral, and lower positions.

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