70 and 78 Inch Pallet Jack for Sale

70 and 78 Inch Pallet Jack for SaleA Multi-Industry Staple

A staple in many different types of industries, the pallet jack is a versatile and durable piece of equipment. From shipping docks, to factories, to warehouses, to retail stores and more, pallet jacks are very often a regular sight. In fact, they are probably used in so many different types of locations and situations that they are actually often overlooked. However, for those in the business of moving anything pallet related or otherwise, the importance is duly noted.

Specifically Suited Options

There are many different types of pallet jacks available in today’s moving equipment industry. Different scenarios and work environments call for different types of tools and equipment. With today’s increased technology in many areas, it can be useful to know all the available options to help choose a more specifically suited piece of equipment. For example, some of the available models of different types of pallet jacks available may include:

  • Stainless Steel Pallet Truck
  • CPI Pallet Truck
  • CPI Pallet Truck with Backrest
  • CPII Pallet Truck
  • CPIIHD Pallet Truck
  • Standard Deluxe Pallet Truck
  • Electric High Lift Pallet Truck
  • Manual High Lift Pallet Truck
  • Pallet Truck with Hand Brake
  • TransRoller Pallet Truck
  • Deluxe Lowboy Pallet Truck
  • Deluxe Foot Pump Pallet Truck
  • Scale Pallet Truck
  • Ergonomic Pallet Tilter Truck
  • Pallet Truck Drum Lifter
  • Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Truck
  • Semi-electric Pallet Truck
  • Light-Duty Powered Walkie Pallet Truck
  • Heavy-Duty Powered Pallet Truck
  • Pallet Truck Stacker
  • Powered Scale Truck Model
  • 4-Way Pallet Truck Model
  • Deluxe Light Duty Power Pallet Truck
  • CPII Lowboy Pallet Truck
  • Long Fork Pallet Truck

Field of Possibilities

As you can see the options seem almost limitless. Especially when you consider that many of these available models are available in varying sizes and with different options of small details such as the type of caster wheels that they have. Also, there are accessories that can be added to certain models that help increase certain functions. Some examples include the pallet jack stop and the cargo backrest.

One Option That is Set Apart

One particular model of pallet truck that is very specific is the long fork pallet truck. Most of the other models come in standard sizes that can accommodate the standard size pallet. There may be a few different sizes available to each model, but the long fork pallet truck is designed for a very particular use. Understanding the details in design of the long pallet truck can help to determine if it is the best choice for you and your business.

Uses and AdditionsPallet Jack Stop

The long fork pallet truck can be used to move extra long pallets. And also, it is useful to know that the longer version has 78″ forks can also accommodate 2 standard 40”x 48” pallets at the same time. Also, one of the aforementioned accessories that can be utilized with the long fork pallet truck is the pallet jack stop. It aids in holding the jack and works well on many surfaces, preventing any kind of unwanted slip.

Two Options of One Useful Model

The long fork pallet truck is available in two different sizes. Both models are made of steel and have 7” moldon polyurethane steering wheels, as well as 3″ moldon polyurethane load wheels. The first model, weighing in at 308 lbs. has forks that span 27” and measure 70” in length, and the second model weighing in at 320 lbs., has forks that span 27” and measure 78” in length. Both models have entry and exit rollers, and reinforced steel forks with adjustable connecting rods to help ensure that the forks raise and lower evenly.

Additional Features

Each has a capacity of 4,400 lbs. Both models feature a two-year pump warranty. Each features an overload bypass for particular situations that deem its use necessary, so as to protect the pump from damage in case the load is over the weight load capacity limit.  Each features a rubber coated handle for comfort during use. Additionally, the pump, load wheels and steering wheels are the same ones that are also on the dependable CPI model.

Best for the Workplace

It is very possible that the types of loads that need to be moved in your workplace are the type that would benefit from the long fork pallet truck. However, it may be very possible that one of the other types of pallet trucks would actually be a better fit due to the size, design and maneuverability of the specific location of the workplace. That is something that only you can decide. However, it is helpful to make sure to speak to an informed moving equipment supplier who can help you to ask the needed questions to determine which piece of equipment or tool is best for the work that you need to accomplish.

From the Tested to the New

We at Douglas Equipment have been in the moving equipment business for almost sixty years. We strive to have the best selection, the best prices and the best customer service representatives on staff. We know how important it is to you and your business that you stay on track and moving. That is why we pride ourselves in having the knowledge of the available products so that we can quickly answer your questions and aid you in making the choice that is best matched to your business needs. We stay up to date on the newest models while maintaining those that we feel are tried and true options that continue to be of good quality. We want you to have the tools and equipment that you feel confident with.

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