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Manual Tilt Control Options


  • Install MORStop Tilt-Brake option to automatically prevent unwanted drum tilting.
Manual Drum Tilt Control Option Description Serial # (MMYY)
Standard Chain Wheel Chain Wheel and Pull Chain 0793 to ____
X02 Simple Hand Crank factory installed 0316 to ____
1003 to 0216
0000 to 0903
X03 Hand Wheel factory installed 0316 to ____
0697 to 0216
0000 to 0597
3900i-P MORStop Tilt-Brake factory installed 0803 to ____
3900-P MORStop Tilt-Brake for field installation
Description Option No
Hand Crank and MORStop Tilt-Brake X01
Hand Crank X02
16" Diameter Hand Wheel X03
MORStop Tilt-Brake Factory installed on new unit 3900i-P
MORStop Tilt-Brake for field installation on existing unit 3900-P