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End-Over-End Drum Tumblers


  • The Morse End-Over-End Drum Rotators tumble a 55-gallon steel drum, providing a vigorous mix, ideal for very viscous substances, wet grains, dry powders or course granules. Drum rotation speed is 13 RPM. Variable speed models adjust from 3 to 20RPM. Capacity: 800 Lb. per full drum, 400 Lb. per half-full drum.
    • Tumble drums end-over-end for thorough mixing, putting valuable ingredients back into suspension
Single End-Over-End Drum Rotators Double End-Over-End Drum Rotators
Model # Description Option: Guard
Enclosure Kit
  Model # Description Option: Guard
Enclosure Kit
1-300-1-115 Single drum, 1-phase 115V 60Hz GEK-1-300-1-115   2-300-1-115 2 Drums, 1-phase 115V 60Hz GEK-2-300-1-115
1-300-1-230 Single drum, 1-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-1-300-1-230   2-300-1-230 2 Drums, 1-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-2-300-1-230
1-300-3-230 Single drum, 3-phase 230V 60 Hz GEK-1-300-3-230   2-300-3-230 2 Drums, 3-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-2-300-3-230
1-300-3-460 Single drum, 3-phase 460V 60Hz GEK-1-300-3-460   2-300-3-460 2 Drums, 3-phase 460V 60Hz GEK-2-300-3-460
1-300-3-575 Single drum, 3-phase 575V 60Hz GEK-1-300-3-575 2-300-3-575 2 Drums, 3-phase 575V 60Hz GEK-2-300-3-575
1-300-A Single drum, air motor GEK-1-300-A   2-300-A 2 Drums, air motor GEK-2-300-A
1-300-E1-115 Single drum, explosion-proof 1-phase 115V 60Hz GEK-1-300-E1-115   2-300-E1-115 2 Drums, explosion-proof 1-phase 115V 60Hz GEK-2-300-E1-115
1-300-E1-230 Single drum, explosion-proof 1-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-1-300-E1-230   2-300-E1-230 2 Drums, explosion-proof 1-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-2-300-E1-230
1-300-E3-230 Single drum, explosion-proof 3-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-1-300-E3-230   2-300-E3-230 2 Drums, explosion-proof 3-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-2-300-E3-230
1-300-E3-460 Single drum, explosion-proof 3-phase 460V 60Hz GEK-1-300-E3-230   2-300-E3-460 2 Drums, explosion-proof 3-phase 460V 60Hz GEK-2-300-E3-230
1-300-E3-575 Single drum, explosion-proof, 3-phase 575V 60Hz GEK-1-300-E3-575   2-300-E3-575 2 Drums explosion-proof, 3-phase 575V 60Hz GEK-2-300-E3-575
1-300VS-1-115 Single drum, variable speed, 1-phase 115V 60Hz GEK-1-300-1-115   2-300VS-1-115 2 Drums, variable speed, 1-phase 115V 60Hz GEK-2-300-1-115
1-300VS-1-230 Single drum, variable speed, 1-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-1-300-1-230   2-300VS-1-230 2 Drums, variable speed, 1-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-2-300-1-230
1-300VS-3-230 Single drum, variable speed, 3-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-1-300-3-230   2-300VS-3-230 2 Drums, variable speed, 3-phase 230V 60Hz GEK-2-300-3-230
1-300VS-3-460 Single drum, variable speed, 3-phase 460V 60Hz GEK-1-300-3-460   2-300VS-3-460 2 Drums, variable speed, 3-phase 460V 60Hz GEK-2-300-3-460
1-300-1-220-50 Single drum, 1-phase 115V 50Hz GEK-1-300-1-220-50   2-300-1-220-50 2 Drums, 1-phase 115V 50Hz GEK-2-300-1-220-50
1-300-3-220-50 Single drum, 1-phase 220V 50Hz GEK-1-300-3-220-50   2-300-3-220-50 2 Drums, 1-phase 220V 50Hz GEK-2-300-3-220-50
1-300-3-380-50 Single drum, 3-phase 380V 50Hz GEK-1-300-3-380-50   2-300-3-380-50 2 Drums, 3-phase 380V 50Hz GEK-2-300-3-380-50
1-300-3-440-50 Single drum, 3-phase 440V 50Hz GEK-1-300-3-440-50   2-300-3-440-50 2 Drums, 3-phase 440V 50Hz GEK-2-300-3-440-50
1-300-E1-220-50 Single drum, explosion-proof 1-phase 220V 50Hz GEK-1-300-E1-220-50   2-300-E1-220-50 2 Drums, explosion-proof 1-phase 220V 50Hz GEK-2-300-E1-220-50
1-300-E3-220-50 Single drum, explosion-proof 3-phase 220V 50Hz GEK-1-300-E3-220-50   2-300-E3-220-50 2 Drums, explosion-proof 3-phase 220V 50Hz GEK-2-300-E3-220-50
1-300-E3-380-50 Single drum, explosion-proof 3-phase 380V 50Hz GEK-1-300-E3-380-50   2-300-E3-380-50 2 Drums, explosion-proof 3-phase 380V 50Hz GEK-2-300-E3-380-50
1-300-E3-440-50 Single drum, explosion-proof 3-phase 440V 50Hz GEK-1-300-E3-440-50   2-300-E3-440-50 2 Drums, explosion-proof 3-phase 440V 50Hz GEK-2-300-E3-440-50
Model Number Description ShipWt
1-300VS-1-115 Single End-Over-End Drum Tumbler, variable speed 3 to 20 RPM, 1-phase 115V motor and controls 621 Lb.
1-300-1-115 Single End-Over-End Drum Tumbler, 13 RPM, 1-phase 115V motor and controls 621 Lb.
GEK-1-300-1-115 Guard Enclosure Kit with Safety Interlock for Model 1-300-1-115 375 Lb.
300LC Option: Load Crane, factory installed, welded to right side 82 Lb.
300LCL Option: 2nd Load Crane, factory installed, welded to left side of double drum tumbler 82 Lb.
5026-P Option: Clamp Screw Kit to hold 55-gallon plastic drum