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2 & 3 Wheel Drum Trucks


  • Models 152 and 153 Drum Trucks Easy to use, inexpensive drum trucks Trim, all steel welded construction. Handle 30, 55 or 85 gallon drum. Model 152 has 10" rubber wheels. Model 153 has 10" polyolefin wheels. Capacity: 1,000 Lb.

    Model 155 Handstand Drum truck Stands upright for convenient, space saving storage. Has a support to stand the drum truck upright. This doubles as a footrest to assist you in loading your drum. Handle 30, 55 or 85 gallon drum.Capacity: 1,000 Lb.

    Model 125 "No Spill" Drum Truck Transport your drum in upright position. Provides excellent stable control of upright drum with a handle attached to the base, two 8" polyolefin wheels, and a 4" swivel caster. Handle 55-gallon steel, plastic or fiber drum up to 24" in diameter. Capacity: 1,200 Lb.

Model Number Description ShipWt
125 "No Spill" Drum Truck 45 Lb.
152 2-Wheel Drum Truck, 10" rubber wheels 42 Lb.
153 2-Wheel Drum Truck, 10" polyolefin wheels 40 Lb.
155 2-Wheel Handstand Drum Truck, 10" polyolefin wheels 46 Lb.