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Why Warehouse Owners Trust Douglas Equipment for All Their Material Handling NeedMaterial-handling equipment is probably the most critical tool needed for a warehouse or factory environment, and settling with inferior equipment is not the answer. However, you also want to be cognizant when it comes to your budget for material handling equipment. This is why it is best to turn to a team of trusted professionals who can offer expert advice on the right equipment to buy, and save you money through wholesale pricing. The team at Douglas Equipment is your source for all types of material handling equipment, regardless of your industry.

Full Line of Material Handling Equipment in Just One Call

There is an old saying that if the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail, and this can be the same when looking for the right equipment to do the job. If you are looking to move material around your warehouse and call a hand truck manufacturer, then they will recommend a hand truck, and likewise a pallet truck manufacturer will recommend a pallet truck.

At Douglas Equipment we’re well versed in all of the different material handling equipment and can recommend what is right for your unique needs. We work with a dozen different manufacturers that make all sorts of different types of material handling equipment. Because of our long-standing relationships with these manufacturers, we’re able to access their entire product catalogs. By using this approach we can help you decide exactly what type of material handling equipment you need and then find the right manufacturer that offers the best solution and price available.

If all that you need is a basic hand truck, we have a variety of options available to you. One of our most popular models is the 25T73 Hand Truck from Harper Hand Trucks, which is described in detail below:

  • 900# 25T73 Hand Truck: Hand trucks are one of the most useful tools for moving small items, and Harper Hand Trucks is a top quality supplier. Made with a 1 1/4” tubular steel frame and heavy gauge steel fenders to stop the load from rubbing against the wheels, this truck is built to last. In order to provide better control, there are dual handles allowing you to control the load with both hands. This unit has a 7” x 18” base plate with standard 8” moldon rubber wheels, however, other wheel types are also available.

If you find yourself moving large amounts of pallets, you could likely benefit from a pallet truck. One of our best sellers is the CP1 Pallet Truck from Wesco, detailed below:

  • CP1 Pallet Truck with Cargo Backrest: For loading and unloading delivery trucks a pallet jack is often the ideal tool, and this truck from Wesco works well. Steel construction and a tall and sturdy frame at the back provides a strong and durable tool that prevents a taller load from sliding off the back or the pallet.

Knowledge and Price Far Superior to Retail

People often go to a retail store because they think that the knowledge of the salespeople will help them choose the right equipment, but this is often not the case. Because retail establishments have showrooms and limited stock,these stores need to choose only items that will sell quickly, and therefore the associates usually only are well versed in the products on their showroom floor. If you have a unique need that is outside of this limited list of products, you may have trouble finding the right piece of equipment.

As well, because retail establishments need to have a flashy showroom and keep stock of their best selling items, this cost must be paid somehow, and it is often passed along to the customer in the form of higher prices. At Douglas Equipment, by providing our services in a wholesale setting we can help you save on these expensive costs and provide you with a lower price.

Unique Material Handling Equipment You Won’t Find in Retail

Another advantage of working with the team at Douglas Equipment is having access to our unique material handling equipment that would never be carried through a retail outlet. One specialty is the handling of drums.

When you need to move material that is stored in drums, it is best to get the right equipment to prevent safety hazards in the workplace. Through our relationship with Wesco we’re able to offer a variety of drum movers and palletizers described in detail below:

  • Wesco Drum Movers / Palletizers: These drum movers and palletizers from Wesco are uniquely designed for moving and placing drums onto pallets. With a patented grip that will never drop a drum you’ll be able to securely lift a drum up to 19” into the air and then quickly and safely move the drum to and from a pallet. For the safe handling of drums made from steel, fiber or plastic you can’t find a better piece of equipment.

Top Quality Material Handling Equipment at Low Wholesale Prices

At Douglas Equipment we have been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955. During this time in the businesswe’ve learned what it takes to find a top quality piece of material handling equipment that satisfies the unique needs of our customers. Our expert team of dedicated professionals can help you find the equipment you need at a price that will work for you.

From our location in Miami, Florida, we can easily provide the best service to customers across the entire United States and we can also quickly ship products to customers in South America and the Caribbean. One call to Douglas Equipment is like accessing a local expert right in your own backyard, but with greater knowledge and experience!

Don’t hesitate any longer, pick up the phone today and give us a call toll free at 1-800-451-0030 or access our online form. We’re eager to get the process started to find the equipment you need to help streamline your material handling efforts.