What are the uses of wheel casters on medical equipment?

What are the uses of wheel casters on medical equipment

The industrial caster has many uses, but in the simplest terms, all those uses boil down to just one – to transport items! However, determining the right caster depends largely on the items that the casters are being used on.

For example, reliable medical equipment casters are extremely important in almost any type of healthcare facility. Medical equipment is typically quite expensive. Casters on hospital equipment will be used to transport patients, so it’s important that these casters do not fail. In a medical environment, the performance of your casters can truly be seen as a matter of life and death!

Some of Casters Important Uses

Advances in medical equipment mean that important devices and equipment are much smaller and lighter than previous generations. This – however – does not necessarily mean that you should ‘skimp’ by using cheap, light-duty casters. The norm is now for all types of medical equipment to be transported on some type of cart so that the equipment can easily move throughout a medical facility. These carts are often holding extremely expensive pieces of medical equipment, and therefore the casters must be able to reliably stand up to the daily rigors of rolling up and down the halls day and night. You can easily see how important it is that your casters are always up to the task at hand.

Finding the Right Supplier for Your Medical Casters

At Douglas Equipment, we are in the business of supplying a wide range of highly reliable casters, on a wholesale basis. Some of our casters are capable of carrying up to 120 lbs. of valuable medical equipment. Our casters are typically manufactured using dual-bearing raceways (the part of the caster that is attached to the plate mounting allowing for full 360 degree rotation) and are heat-treated during construction to make sure they are durable and easy to maneuver.

Many of our casters can be supplied with brakes. This is important if you need your equipment to remain in one place.

The Type of Casters Used on Medical Equipment

The entire goal of medical equipment casters is to be as useful as possible without any hindrance. We fully understand that casters have a smart part to play in any kind of medical procedure, but it is still a vital one. The success of any aspect of a medical procedure is dependent upon the entire process being a smooth one. Delays along the line of any description can render the personnel involved at a distinct disadvantage. This is why at Douglas Equipment we are committed to providing casters that can always be relied upon to get the job done, time after time.

We understand all the most important aspects of casters on medical equipment. They must be:

  • Smooth rolling
  • Easy to start into motion
  • Shock absorbing (crucial when transporting patients)
  • Noise reducing
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain

We also supply casters to the medical industry that both meet and exceed OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements.

The Right Type of Casters Will Allow for Greater Mobility

Hospitals across the country put the needs of their patients above everything else. Hospitals are not like production lines – it’s not a case of ‘patients in, patients out’. The care and comfort of patients are paramount at all times. The better they are treated while they are within your facility, the more likely they are to thrive and recuperate.

This is why mobility – and smooth mobility at that – is crucial. While they are recovering, or waiting for a procedure to begin, endless hours lying in a hospital bed can be soul-destroying. If mobility is possible, then for your patient’s comfort, it should be offered. Patients can often be responsible for the movement of their own health monitors, as they seek the occasional change of scenery. It’s important then that there is no hindrance to their mobility, and smooth-rolling, reliable casters are key to that.

Patients must be wheeled throughout the hospital from their beds to surgery and from surgery to recovery, and then back to their beds.

It is vitally important that these transitions as smooth as possible, for the comfort and well being of your patients. For hospital gurneys and stretchers, you need to invest in the highest-performing caster wheels possible.

Get Your Medical Operation Running as Smoothly as Silk!

Here at Douglas Equipment we stock a large range of caster and caster wheels, many of which are suitable for the medical profession. They are smooth-rolling, quiet and reliable. They are manufactured to extremely high standards – as necessary when you’re dealing with patients and expensive pieces of medical equipment.

We stock from many of the best manufacturers in the world, including Shepherd, Colson, Albion, Algood, Bestway Casters, Blickle and Darnell-Rose. Some of these companies manufacture casters that are specifically designed for the medical industry, while others make casters that are still suitable for use when it comes to medical applications. You need to know exactly which casters are the best ones for your medical facility. The team here at Douglas Equipment is always on hand for help.

Just pick up the phone and dial 1-800-451-0030. You can also reach out to us through our online contact form. We look forward to helping you purchase the ideal medical casters for your healthcare facility.