Useful Extensions for Forklifts

Useful Extensions for ForkliftsThough designed to be inherently useful in a wide variety of situations, even the best forklifts can sometimes be a bit limited by the length of the “forks” that extend outward from the equipment. Typically, these forks are just a few feet long and they’re designed to handle a pallet of regular size. In the vast majority of scenarios, commercial and industrial workers have no issue with the capabilities of a standard forklift. During busy periods, though, or when racking pallets in certain configurations, it sometimes becomes necessary to extend the reach of the forks and enable better operation.

Forklift Extensions: What Are They?

The forks that stick out from a forklift are generally used to pick up pallets and transport them throughout a facility, occasionally racking them into a few different configurations preferred by busy warehouse owners. Sometimes, those configurations can be several pallets deep and nearly unreachable by the person operating the forklift. This is when a forklift extension becomes absolutely essential.

Basically, a forklift is extension attaches to the fork itself, attaching near where the fork connects to the motor. This extension is placed on both sides of the forklift, giving it greater reach and the ability to stack pallets and move them in unique ways. Most forklift extensions come in varying lengths, with anywhere from four to ten feet of additional lifting capacity for busy warehouse and industrial environments.

Operator Caution: What to Know about Forklift Extensions

One of the things that everyone should be aware of when purchasing or installing forklift extensions is that they tend to radically alter the maximum weight capacity of even the most heavy-duty forklifts on the market. That’s because the weight of a pallet will be situated much further from the center of the machine, changing how gravity affects the transportation of particularly heavy loads within a typical warehouse or industrial environment.

Though forklift extensions are very useful for a large number of people, they can also be quite hazardous if their instructions and precautions are not adhered to. Before installing an extension of any size onto a forklift, be sure to read the adjustments that will need to be made in terms of weight capacities, forklift speeds, and other things that might put the operator in danger while the extensions are in use.

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