Scissors Lift Tables Make Your Work Much Easier

Scissors Lift Tables Make Your Work Much EasierMaterial handling equipment has been designed to make every task easier, including storing and transporting heavy boxes and raising them to the appropriate height for processing or transfer. Chief among the material handling equipment options available to consumers for this task is a scissors lift table. These unique tables combine the efficiency and utility of a traditional table with a pneumatic lift that can actually raise the table’s height to the best level for a day’s work. Because they’re often pneumatic, these tables are easy to operate and highly ergonomic for packages of all sizes.

Before purchasing one of these essential tables, however, customers should do research into the types available and the ways that the table will be used. This will make the buying process an easier one, and it will make ownership of a scissors lift table far more rewarding for a longer period.

Purchase the Appropriate Weight Capacity

It is perhaps the single most important piece of advice when buying any material handling equipment, but it bears repeating: Always check the maximum rated weight capacity of scissors lift tables and any other type of material handling equipment before completing a purchase. These tables are typically designed to handle seriously heavy loads, with weight capacity measured in the thousands of pounds. Even so, their use in industrial and commercial environments means that they may still be thousands of pounds too delicate for some loads.

Purchase the Model with the Best, Most Convenient Features

In its most standard form, a scissors table sits in one location, does not have casters, and is known as a “fixed” platform. This is a popular way to purchase these tables, but it is not the only options available to consumers who might need just a bit more from their purchase to get the job done. These hybrid pieces of equipment can also come on caster wheels, making it possible to raise heavy objects to the appropriate height and then transport them throughout a facility. Other models actually tilt the surface of the table as high as a 45-degree angle as it rises, making it easy to view the contents of a box or work on a heavy piece of equipment.

Choose the Right Distributor During the Purchase

There are a large number of material handling equipment distributors that consumers can choose from, but they should be sure to choose only the company with the widest range of products, the largest amount of experience in the industry, and the firmest commitment to ongoing customer support even after the purchase has been completed. With a long-lasting relationship between them, consumers and their equipment suppliers can get more done and enjoy some peace of mind when buying any equipment for their facility.

Douglas Equipment Makes the Grade for Equipment Buyers

With several decades of experience in the industry and a first-rate customer service operation, we can help customers of any kind choose the scissors lift table that best meets their needs. Best of all, we’ll stick around after the purchase to provide support and advice as the new table is put into use at a commercial or industrial location.

Here at Douglas Equipment, we will be more than happy to help you. For the best material handling equipment, contact us today!