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Pallet Jack Wheels

Pallet Jack WheelsWithout a working pallet jack, many commercial and industrial businesses will find themselves at a standstill. There is really no better tool for moving heavy loads, loading up trucks, and getting shipments on their way, than a pallet jack that is kept in good repair. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for these essential pieces of equipment to suffer from wear and tear. Because they’re typically used for handling such large and unwieldy loads, they can quickly require new parts — especially new wheels.

A pallet jack that needs new wheels is pretty easy to spot. It tends to leave scuff marks and other markings on concrete surfaces, and it can be hard to move the pallet jack from one location to another. Slowly but surely, worn out pallet jack wheels will reduce the equipment’s usability and the company’s productivity. Instead of letting that happen, astute commercial business owners should look for new wheels that can renew their operation’s efficiency.

Purchase a Wheel That Benefits the Pallet Jack and the Workspace

Of the many wheels and casters available for pallet jack equipment, there is perhaps no model more popular than those with a polyurethane coating on the exterior of the wheel. That’s because the coating actually makes the wheel “invisible” to the ground that it’s rolling on, reducing the likelihood that it will leave scuff marks and tread marks on the concrete as it rolls from place to place. This is even more important for businesses that use alternative flooring installations that tend to be less durable than concrete itself.

Wheels made with polyurethane also tend to be far more quiet, which means workers will be able to hear themselves think throughout the day. That might sound like a luxury, but it’s actually an essential feature of any workplace that wishes to increase worker levels of satisfaction, dedication, and productivity. Because they’re easier on both the workplace and the workers who occupy it, these wheels should be a top contender for purchase by commercial business owners.

Go Steel for Heavy-Duty Applications

Of course, not every pallet jack performs jobs that are best done by polyurethane wheels. While those wheels are definitely easier to maneuver, as well as more forgiving for workspaces and workers, they can buckle under pressure. For those businesses that require a bit more of their pallet jacks, and typically move super heavy loads, there is just one material suitable for the job: steel.

Steel is well-known as one of the most versatile and durable materials for industrial businesses, and that’s certainly no exception when it comes to wheels for pallet jacks. Steel wheels are easy to maneuver and they’re able to withstand far heavier weights than those made from polyurethane and other common materials. Best of all, they’ll last longer than many competing products and give businesses access to an overall better value if they deal extensively in heavier loads.

Lots of Great Options When Choosing new Pallet Jack Wheels

Whether it’s steel or polyurethane, back wheels, drive wheels, or climb wheels, there are plenty of great options for businesses needing a pallet jack overhaul. Our professionals have the right combination of practical experience and insight to recommend the right wheel for the job, and they’ll make sure it’s in the hands of business owners as quickly as possible. All it takes is a quick phone call to get on the road to easier maneuverability.