Miami’s Premier Moving Equipment Distributor: Getting the Guidance You Need

Miami's Premier Moving Equipment Distributor Getting the Guidance You NeedMaking moving more efficient requires adequate moving equipment, and this is where Douglas Equipment can help.

We not only have all of the different types of moving equipment you need, but also the different quality standards from various suppliers to give you the choice required to meet your unique needs.

Our professional team has the knowledge required to help you find the right piece of moving equipment for the task you need. Here are a few of the items we have that might be just right for your needs.

The Lowly Hand Truck

When people think of moving equipment they invariably think about the hand truck first. These invaluable pieces of material handling equipment allow you to stack boxes and move them with relative ease, while more heavy duty models allow you to move larger loads such as appliances. These small but versatile tools are found in many trucks for moving, and come in a variety of capacities. Here are a few you might consider:

  • Spartan Jr. Economy Aluminum 2 in 1 Truck: This hand truck by Wesco has a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame construction with solid 10” rubber wheels and 5” non-marking swivel casters. The extra strength 18” wide noseplate is cast from a special aluminum alloy for larger loads. Dimensions are Width 22”, Height 52”, Depth 19” with capacity of 500 pounds on 2 wheels and 1000 pounds on 4 wheels. A pedal release allows for easy conversion from 2 wheel to 4 wheel positions. The hand truck weight just 54 pounds.
  • 900# 25T73 Hand Truck: This Harper hand truck is made with 1 1/4 “ tubular steel for the frame, heavy gauge steel fenders to prevent the load from rubbing against the wheels, and dual handles for controlling loads using both hands. Unit dimensions: Height 50”, Width 21”, Base Plate 7” X 18” with 8” mold-on rubber wheels. (Other wheel types are also available.)
  • Steel Appliance Truck Model WRC: This is a specialty hand truck from Wesco designed for appliance movers with an all steel welded frame construction for maximum strength. The hand truck includes 6” Mold-on rubber wheels and weighs 52 pounds. Non-marking grey vinyl surfaces protect the load during use, and a 2” wide heavy duty web belt is included to secure the load. Dimensions are Width 24”, Height 59.5”, Depth 13” with capacity of 750 pounds.

Versatile Platform Trucks

If you need to move a load such as heavy boxes across a floor or down a hallway then a platform truck is something you should consider. With a larger load surface area than a hand truck you can move larger loads with greater ease. Some platform trucks even include a power drive for extra heavy loads. Here are some models to think about:

  • Grid Deck Platform Truck: This steel construction truck from Wesco has a sturdy steel open grate design providing high strength and preventing accumulation of water and small debris. A durable powder coat paint finish offers a great look while also increasing durability. The platform truck has six casters, two 8” rigid casters in the center and four 6” swivel end casters; providing a tilt design turn that allows the truck to pivot on its own radius like a U-boat cart. The truck weighs 170 pounds and has a capacity of 1750 pounds.
  • Power Drive Platform Truck: This all steel construction platform truck from Wesco includes fingertip variable speed controller with forward and reverse modes. The unit has a maximum climbing incline of 8” and a turning radius of 47”, and a full rear panel bumper that helps to prevent damage to walls. Safety features include a key lock, emergency stop as well as a reverse direction beeper. Front wheels are 10” pneumatic and fixed for strong traction on uneven ground with rear swivel polyurethane casters for good maneuverability. Truck weight is 309 pounds with a load capacity of 1100 pounds.

Specialty U-Boats Carts

For some applications you will want to use a cart that has better ability to hold the load in place on either end, and the U-boat cart is ideal for this application. Most models include larger fixed wheels in the center with smaller swivel casters on each end, which allows for an easy tilt turning allowing the truck to turn on its own radius. This gives good maneuverability in narrow aisles or tight areas.

  • Steel U-Boat w/ Wood Deck: This 16×60 cart from Wesco has a steel frame and wood deck for a functional yet extremely sharp looking cart. Dimensions are Width 16.25“, Height 60“, Depth 63“ with capacity of 1750 pounds (35.5 cubic feet). The unit weighs 115.5 pounds and has size 4 Mold-on Rubber casters.
  • Galvanized Steel U-Boat: This 24×60 Wesco cart has a zinc plated steel tread plate with a steel frame construction. The tread plate is patterned to avoid slipping of the material being transported, or when a person steps onto the platform. The dimensions are Width 24”, Height 60”, Depth 63” and a capacity of 1750 pounds (or 52.5 cubic feet). The unit weighs 116.5 pounds and has size 4 polyurethane casters.

When You Need Moving Equipment, Douglas Equipment is Your Destination

We all need to work quickly, and when it comes to finding the right moving equipment you don’t want to spend excess time unwisely. This is why Douglas Equipment has dedicated our time to helping customers find the right piece of moving equipment without the hassle. Contact us today for help selecting the moving equipment that will meet your needs.