Material Handling Solutions for Heavy Industries

Material Handling Solutions for Heavy IndustriesIt Is Not a Light Job

Heavy industries require a lot. Heavy industries are those industries in which large-scale projects of some nature are undertaken, referring to either size of construction or size of capital expenses, or both. They usually require the mind-power and manpower of many individuals and organizations. In many ways, heavy industries can also be equated to heavy-duty in that they require a lot from those involved. In particular reference to large-scale construction projects, heavy industries also require a lot from the tools and equipment that are utilized to complete the project undertaken.

Equipment to Match the Job

There are many different types and kinds of tools and equipment that are utilized in large-scale construction projects, many which have to do with the movement of material of some kind. Just imagining the size of a large-scale construction site, it is easy to imagine the amounts of things to be moved. And the way in which they are moved to the appropriate area for use can greatly affect the speed and efficiency of the workflow of the job site and progress. Due to the variety of things that are happening simultaneously, there are numerous types and kinds of equipment needed to keep things always on the go.

Variety of Options

Some examples of different kinds of equipment that are very useful include a variety of options. Some have generalized, basic uses that can be very versatile and others have very specific designs that make certain jobs much more easy and efficient to accomplish.

Some of the general categories of material handling equipment include: carts, dollies, hand trucks, platform trucks, dock and shipping equipment, lift equipment and drum handling equipment. Each category also has a selection of different options that are, as previously mentioned, either more generic or more specific. Inevitably, with the available options in today’s market, there is a piece of material handling equipment made to suit any job, large or small.

Hand Trucks for Every Need

To illustrate, some of the available hand truck options include: mini-cobra hand trucks, standard-duty hand trucks, industrial-duty steel hand trucks, aluminum standard and heavy-duty hand trucks, aluminum Cobra-lite hand trucks, heavy-duty and specialty hand trucks, convertible steel hand trucks, touch and tilt drum hand trucks, vending and appliance hand trucks, high-frame hand trucks, tilting hand trucks and more.

Some of the options for dollies include: wood dollies, folding handle platform trucks in steel, stainless and aluminum, heavy-duty machine dollies, and plastic platform, lightweight folding trucks among others. It is important to keep in mind also that within each category there are suitable options for every price range.

Carts and Dollies

Other important types of material handling equipment that are often utilized in heavy industry environments are carts and dollies. Often when you think of a dolly the first thing that comes to mind is the image something of the flat, simple, wooden variety. However, in today’s ever advancing market, there are many different varieties other than the standard wooden variety of dolly.

Some of the different, modern varieties of carts and dollies available include: narrow aisle shelf carts, panel carts, table top office carts, polyethylene tub carts, u-boats, folding handle platform trucks, available in steel, stainless and aluminum, heavy duty machine dollies, and more.

The Indispensible Pallet Truck

Another type of equipment that is often used in heavy industry projects is pallet trucks. On work sites where there are deliveries of items on pallets, the pallet truck is a necessity. With today’s advanced technologies, in addition to the standard hand-powered manual options, there are also a variety of options that are powered by electric or hydraulic technology. Some of the powered models available include: Stainless Steel Pallet Truck, CPII Pallet Truck, Standard Deluxe Pallet Truck and Electric High Lift Pallet Truck.

Accessorize and Repair

Another option to consider when choosing the proper equipment is that many of the standard varieties of equipment can be made more useful by adding accessories. Depending on the specific work conditions that are determined by the job site and the local weather conditions there are a variety of moving equipment accessories that can help to make any job easier. Additionally, it is useful to consider that with regular wear and tear that comes from heavy-duty job conditions, the need may arise to replace damaged and worn-out parts.

On a project where costs may already be high, it can be very useful to consider the savings that can come from replacing worn out parts instead of entire pieces of equipment. In the long run, it can be a wise decision to go ahead and purchase top-quality equipment and maintain the life of the equipment by replacing smaller items as they wear out. This method also allows for equipment that is already comfortable and broken in to be continually used while being freshened with new parts.

Years of Understanding

At Douglas Equipment we understand that there are many things can be on your mind when trying to tackle large-scale projects. There are a million details to take into consideration, and therefore, we want to help to relieve your mind by offering fast, efficient, thorough customer service. We want to help you find the highest quality material handling equipment that is best suited to your specific needs, while answering your questions and meeting your concerns.

We have been in the material handling equipment business for almost sixty years and we know what it takes to keep a business running. And in our years of experience we have gained a full understanding of the difficulties that your industry faces.

We strive to help make your work easier and help your business run more smoothly by doing our job to the best of our ability. We look forward to assisting you in determining the best equipment for your needs.

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