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Material Handling Products for Heavy Duty Jobs

Material handling producMaterial Handling Products for Heavy Duty Jobsts have to be pretty heavy-duty to stand up to the daily trials and tribulations they experience in most commercial environments. The best businesses know that they require a diverse number of pieces on-site in order to protect worker safety, promote the continued integrity of their equipment or products, and ensure that their material handling equipment lives to see another day. Before making any purchase, be sure to know the basics about purchasing material handling equipment so that it can benefit the workers, their productivity, and the business’ bottom line, for years to come.

Pay Attention to Casters on Material Handling Products

Material handling products for heavy-duty jobs require a special kind of caster, with the right wheel size and weight capacity for the task being pursued. When purchasing material handling equipment, look for casters that feature large wheel sizes, often of at least four inches and even larger. These wheels are generally more capable of handling heavier weights and longer trips around a facility than their smaller and more delicate counterparts.

As with any caster, pay special attention to their rated weight capacity and the material that makes up their wheel. The caster mechanism itself should be constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel or aluminum in order to prevent it from locking up or buckling under particularly heavy pressure.

Size Matters: Buy Big Equipment for Big Jobs
Material Handling Products for Heavy Duty Jobs
The right material handling equipment will be big enough to get the job done without requiring compromises from workers. If a particularly large item needs to be moved, be sure to buy a particularly large platform dolly or hand truck. If steel construction just won’t cut it for a given task, look for a model made of aluminum.

Buying the right material handling equipment is all about knowing exactly how it will be used and what requirements it will face. To promote safety and productivity, remember to “round up” and buy the material handling products capable of doing the toughest jobs.

Buy from a Known Distributor with Experience

Material handling products are not a small purchase, and they deserve to be treated with seriousness by both the buyer and seller. Be sure that the distributor being used has a wealth of experience in the field and carries the highest-quality brands on the market. With the right combination of experience and product knowledge, businesses will assuredly get the right equipment each time a new need arises.

Trust Douglas Equipment for A Wide Variety of Purchases

Douglas Equipment’s experience in the material handling equipment industry goes back several decades, and that gives our company a unique edge over the competition when it comes to product knowledge and real world experience with each item that we sell. We know that moving heavy machinery and other items requires heavy-duty materials, high weight capacities, and the kind of quality that comes from today’s largest brands.

Be sure to give us a call as soon as possible so that we can assess your needs and recommend the right equipment for the job. With our long history in the marketplace and our enthusiasm for helping our customers, we’ll recommend the right products in record time.