Material Handling Lift Equipment: Custom Wholesale Lifting Devices

FotorCreated8Finding the right lifting equipment can be a tricky job because there are often so many variables involved. Below are just a few of the questions that you must ask yourself when choosing material handling lift equipment.

  1. How high do you need to lift your load?
  2. Will you need to place it onto a shelf or just hold it in place?
  3. How tight of a space will you need to maneuver and work in?
  4. Will you need powered lifting equipment or will manually driven equipment work?
  5. How much can you spend to get the right piece of material handling lift equipment?

With all of these questions you might think that you will never find the right piece of lifting equipment, but that is why the team at Douglas Equipment is here to help. We work with a dozen different manufacturers so that we have access to a wide range of material handling equipment for the many different needs of our customers. If you need to find the right piece of material handling lift equipment to suit some specific need within your company, our team can help.

What is Available for Smaller Lifting Devices?

Not everyone needs a forklift for high lift stacking, but this is often what everyone thinks of first. Often a forklift will not be able to fit into the tight spaces required to properly access shelving units. When you need a smaller lifting device that can fit into these tight spaces there are many fork stackers available that may meet your needs.

These stackers are available in both manually driven and electric power assisted models to suit your needs. If a forklift is too big for your purpose, or too costly to consider, then think about the possibility of using a fork stacker in your operations. A couple of models offered from Douglas Equipment include:

  • Wesco Fork Model Stackers: For tight access areas these trucks include a narrow mast that is able to stack a skid on a shelf much higher than most pallet trucks. With capacities of 1,000 lbs, these are good for many pallet stacking uses throughout the manufacturing facility, including placing items onto shelves with various lift heights. With a hydraulic foot pump to raise the forks, this is an economical unit that simply gets the job done. Forks lower to the ground and have adjustable spans on all units. A wide straddle fork model is also available if necessary.
  • Powered Telescopic Fork Stacker: This Wesco product lifts heavy loads onto shelving or into working position and is very similar to a lift truck. Utilizing a steel frame for greater strength and durability, this fork stacker can lift a load of 2,000 lbs. over ten feet into the air for placement. The stacker incorporates 8” Nylon drive wheels and 6” Nylon front casters for good floor protection.

Custom Lift Equipment for Your Unique Needs

With the examples above, you may think that each piece of material handling equipment will only be able to cover a portion of your unique requirements, but not all. In many cases we will be able to find the right material handling equipment from our many vendor relationships, but when this is not the case we have the ability to work with our manufacturers to customize lift equipment to meet all your needs.

Over our almost 60 years in the material handling industry our team has developed the expertise required to work with our manufacturing partners to design and supervise the manufacturing and fabrication of the highest quality material handling equipment currently available on the market.

Wholesale Purchasing: Better Pricing and Service than Retail

Of course there is no benefit in designing the perfect material handling lift equipment if the price is out of your range. Because Douglas Equipment is a wholesale material handling equipment supplier we can offer you not only the highest quality customer service, but also a lower overall price than most retail material handling equipment suppliers.

By working from a wholesale distribution center we are able to remove many of the expenses seen when working with retail establishments that have to charge higher prices to offset significant overhead expenses. Having a showroom, floor stock and salespeople is an expensive proposition that we avoid, and in doing so are able to pass the savings along to you. This way you get a better product at a better price, which is most definitely a win-win scenario for you.

Our dedicated team are also experts in the material handling equipment. We sell, and we use this knowledge to make sure you get the right equipment for you rather than just the best we have in stock at any one time. Working with a wholesale supplier widens your available choices while reducing your cost to purchase.

Your Place to Go for the Best Lift Equipment Available

You could call around to all the manufacturers of lift equipment to try to find the best deal on lift equipment that will suit your needs, but it is better to call the one team with access to all of the major manufacturers: the team at Douglas Equipment. We have been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955 and in this time have made connections with top manufacturers in the industry to allow us to offer our wide selection of wholesale casters directly to you.By dealing with these manufacturers on behalf of all of our customers we can often get much better pricing, and in turn pass these savings along to you.

If you are located in South Florida you can call us at 305-888-3700, and national customers can call us toll free at 1-800-451-0030. We can also be contacted online where our service team will provide the information and expertise you need to answer any of your questions. If you’ve been shopping around for top-notch lift equipment, be sure to give Douglas Equipment a chance to earn your business.