Increase Workplace Safety with the Drum Fork Mount by Wesco

Increase Workplace Safety with the Drum Fork Mount by WescoMoving drums in your workplace is a specialized task that needs the right equipment to be efficient and safe. The size and weight of these large rolling objects can make them a significant safety hazard. Drums that are not properly handled can fall and roll into workers or expensive equipment. This is why you want to ensure that the material handling equipment you use when moving drums is safe and secure as well as efficient and effective.

Douglas Equipment has been in the business of quality casters and material handling equipment since 1955, and finding the right material handling equipment for your unique needs is what our team of quality service professionals does best.

If you need to move drums safely in your warehouse or through your manufacturing facility, call our team to find out more about the Wesco drum handling equipment that is available to help increase your workplace safety.

Wesco’s Fork Mount Attachments With Gator Grip

Drum handling safety is paramount when you are moving drums of materials around your warehouse or manufacturing facility. The most important aspect to increase the safety of drum movement is in the way you grip the drum.

If the drum is gripped well then it can be moved around without incident, however, if the material handling equipment gripping the drum fails this can lead to spilled product, damaged drums and equipment, and hazardous situations when drums roll uncontrolled throughout your facility.

Wesco knows that traditional devices for moving drums require the drum weight to maintain a positive lock on the drum. But if a drum bounces during fork truck transportation, the drum can become momentarily weightless and actually cause the grip to snap open and drop the drum.

The patented Gator Grip Drum Grab from Wesco is an automated grip lock that locks the jaws closed even in rough terrain.

For moving drums using a forklift Wesco has designed and manufactured several products incorporating this state-of-the-art system for safely gripping and holding drums without the worry of accidental release.

These units can be easily incorporated onto the forks of your existing forklift equipment for quick and safe use.

Note that OSHA requires contacting the manufacturer of your fork truck for written approval for the use of any fork truck attachments.

Single Fork Truck Attachment EGG-1

This fork truck fork attachment is designed to pick up drums automatically so that the driver never needs to leave the seat of the forklift while lifting or releasing drums. Designed to handle steel, fiber and poly drums the unit is economically priced and outfitted with Wesco’s patented Gator Grip system. Fork Pocket is 5.5” by 2” with a capacity of 1000 pounds. The unit dimensions are width 28”, height 34” depth 34” and weight 125.5 pounds.

Single Drum Fork Mount – GG-F1

This heavy-duty fork truck attachment is designed with a heavy-duty carriage for greater strength. The patented Gator Grip holds the drums securely so that you need not worry about safety when transporting drums. Fork Pocket is 7” by 2.25” with a capacity of 1600 pounds. The unit dimensions are width 32”, height 37” depth 28” and weight 244 pounds.

Dual Fork Truck Attachment – EGG-2

This fork truck attachment is similar to the EGG-1 model but designed to hold two drums at once. Fork Pocket is 7” by 2.25” with a capacity of 1000 pounds per grip. The unit dimensions are width 33.25”, height 34” depth 34” and weight 208 pounds.

Dual Drum Fork Mount – GG-F2

Wesco’s Dual Drum Fork Mount is like the GG-F1 model but designed to handle two drums at the same time. Fork Pocket is 7” by 2.25” with a capacity of 1600 pounds per grip. The unit dimensions are width 32”, height 37” depth 28” and weight 340 pounds.

Other Wesco Products with Gator Grip for Moving Drums

For moving drums from place to place, Wesco’s patented Gator Grip is unmatched for safety. The follow devices allow drum movement using a power stacker and can help protect the drums from damage.

  • Power Stacker Mount – GGPS: This single grip drum attachment mounts to the Wesco fork stacker carriage much like the above units attach to a fork lift. This can allow you to get into closer positions than a fork truck can. The capacity of the unit is 1600 pounds and the unit dimensions are width 30”, height 33.25”, depth 17” and weight of 92 pounds.


  • Gator Belt Option – GGBK: This optional belt attaches to the Fork Pocket on the GG-F1 & GG-F2 model fork truck attachments to protect drums from wear. Dimensions are width 30”, height 3”, depth 25” and weight is 4 pounds.

Get Help If You’re Not Sure

Our dedicated service team knows the right questions to ask to make sure you get the correct equipment for the job each and every time. If you’re not sure which drum fork mount will fit on your forklift, contact us today and let one of our experts help you make sure you’re choosing the safest, most efficient option.