How to Move Furniture Without Straining Your Back

How to move furniture without straining backMoving furniture is no easy task, and most people would probably list it among their least-liked weekend activities. Even so, it’s virtually a requirement during any major move and it should be done in a way that can reduce the likelihood of back strain or other related injuries. Those homeowners looking to move a large amount of furniture should follow a few simple rules that will allow them to endure this unpleasant activity without major injuries that could linger well past the end of the move.

1. Lift With the Legs, Not the Back

This is perhaps the most cliché advice given to homeowners when moving furniture, but it’s easily the most important. The muscles in the back are simply not as strong, nor as resilient, as the muscles in the legs. For that reason, lifting with one’s back can put them at a very high risk of strain and other nasty injuries. Muscle tears and other serious consequences can result simply by using the back to bear the brunt of an item’s weight.

Focus on Lifting first at the legs, using the back only to stabilize after the load has been lifted off the ground. Legs should do the majority of the work, while the back muscles are relegated more to a “support and assist” role during the moving process.

2. Get Plenty of Help

Because “The Hulk” exists only in comic books, and not in living rooms where heavy sofas can cause major injuries, it’s important to enlist the help of friends and loved ones on moving day. With more hands helping to move large furniture, the item’s weight will be distributed further and each person will be responsible for less weight. With less weight comes a reduced likelihood of injury, and that’s good news for everyone involved.

Be sure to get at least two additional people to help with each piece of heavy furniture. More may be necessary for very large desks, bookcases, and other items, of course, so plan accordingly. Remember to remind everyone involved that they should, of course, lift with their legs.

3. Consider Material Handling Equipment to Lighten the Load

Hand trucks, platform movers, and dollies, are all great ways to move furniture without bearing the brunt of its weight. These pieces of equipment are generally compact, are always affordable, and present a great alternative to the kind of exhaustion that can result from manually lifting and carrying everything from the home to a moving truck, and then out of the truck and into a new location.

Douglas Equipment Can Help with the Big Move

For several decades, Douglas Equipment has been helping homeowners move their furniture in a safe and efficient way. Our large selection of dollies, platform trucks, hand trucks, and more, means that we can help homeowners move everything from the living room sofa to their heavy refrigerator, oven, and bedroom set.

For a healthy, injury-free moving experience, lift intelligently and trust Douglas Equipment to fill in the gaps with moving equipment that will keep everyone energized and safe. If you have any questions or looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: it is our pleasure to help you.