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How the Proper Lifting Equipment Can Improve Your Warehouse

How the Proper Lifting Equipment Can Improve Your WarehouseIt’s no secret that the current economy is one that can be on the upswing one day, and heading into the downward spiral the next. This type of environment requires a warehouse that uses the right tools to promote good productivity, excellent safety, and an overall high level of cost savings. When it comes to ensuring all three things at once, there is perhaps no better set of tools than the proper lifting and moving equipment on the job. All too often, warehouses attempt to cut corners by leaving the proper equipment behind, figuring that a more basic or general set of tools can do the job just fine. That might be true in limited cases, but it often costs more to operate this way than it would to secure the proper lifting equipment.

Get Off the Ground: Moving Beyond the Standard Pallet Truck

Virtually every warehouse environment has a veritable army of pallet trucks, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What definitely is a bad thing, however, is when these pallet trucks are charged with being the sole way to transport goods and skids around a warehouse all day long. That’s pretty limiting, and it can lead to worker fatigue in some cases. These pallet trucks are incredibly useful, but they’re not the only way to get the job done.

One of the best and most innovative ways to supplement these pallet trucks is to get a lift that can actually, well, lift a pallet. There are a number of great options, but perhaps none as useful as the Ergo Lift offered by Douglas Equipment. It can lift a whopping 3,000-pound skid more than 31 inches in the air. That means it just got easier to load or unload these pallets and save some back muscles in the process. Workers, their backs, their doctors, and their bottles of ibuprofen will all breathe a sigh of relief.

That’s Not All: Plenty of Great Lifts for All Scenarios

The Ergo Lift is not the only way to use lifting equipment for the benefit of a warehouse operation. The Lite Lift truck, with its 2-inch front casters, can be used to transport smaller loads or optionally operate as a hand truck. The Straddle Stacker can help to lift pallets at a fraction of the cost of forklifts, promoting both enhanced productivity and great budgetary savings.

When it’s time to load a truck with skids or pallets, there’s no better way to ease the process than one of the aluminum dock plates offered by Douglas Equipment. Rather than forcing casters to bridge the gap between a truck and the ground, these dockplates support a capacity of up to 2,750 pounds for easy movement of even the heaviest warehouse loads and materials.

Productive, Safe, and Effective: The Three Best Words for Warehouse Operators

Warehouses that employ the proper lifting equipment can save money, improve productivity, and create a more effective workplace where workers remain healthier and happier. Loading and unloading will be easier, and creating effective storage environments will be far more intuitive than when confining a warehouse to more basic, limiting types of lifts. Improve your warehouse today by visiting our inventory of lifting equipment.