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Below-Hook Drum Handling Equipment Distributor

Below-Hook Drum Handling Equipment DistributorIf you’re in a business where handling drums is a day-to-day necessity, then you’ll know that having the proper equipment along each step of your process is key to maintaining a profitable and efficient production line. Drums can be heavy, and moving them around without the proper equipment can be time consuming, as well as potentially dangerous.

One of the best items used to transport drums is a piece of below-hook drum handling equipment, although finding distributors of such items can at times be difficult. We’re delighted to inform you that at Douglas Equipment we’re one of the prime distributors of below-hook drum handling equipment items in the state of Florida, as well as across the entire of the USA.

What is Below Hook Drum Handling Equipment Anyhow?

The well-renowned material handling equipment manufacturer Morse is most definitely your best bet when it comes to below hook drum handling equipment. They manufacture an extensive range of products all designed to make your drum handling processes as efficient as possible.

A below hook carrier simply consists of twin hooks that are attached to a vertical cable. When the time comes to move a drum, the hooks are positioned beneath the drum’s rim. Once tension is applied to the cable, the weight of the drum causes the hooks to be drawn together, gripping the drum tightly. The drum can then be hoisted using a hoist, chain block or crane, and moved to wherever it needs to be relocated.

The below hook drum lifter is suitable for use with steel, plastic or fiber drums up to 1,000 lbs. in capacity. It can handle rimmed drums between 18-26” in diameter, but it is not suitable to use to hoist other items – only drums that are within the specifications are recommended.

What is the Alternative?

An alternative to the below hook drum lifter manufactured by Morse is what is known in the Morse world as a ‘Verti-Karrier’. This is a sturdy assembly manufactured with US-made steel that can be used to handle 55 gallon steel drums (the most common type of drum found in the USA) up to 1,000 lbs. in capacity. Models of the Verti-Karrier can also be supplied suitable for use with 30 gallon steel drums and 85 gallon steel drums.

With a Verti-Karrier you can grab, raise, maneuver and replace your drum just where you need it. This is a grip assembly rather than a hook assembly, meaning that the Verti-Karrier is a little easier to use than a below hook assembly, thus saving your operators time especially as the Vert-Karrier automatically releases once the drum is set down.

Your Top Below-Hook Drum Handling Equipment Distributor is Douglas Equipment

To discuss all your options when it comes to below-hook drum handling equipment, please feel free to speak to any member of our expert sales support team today. We can be contacted by phone using our toll-free number 1-800-451-0030, or through the online contact form available on our website.