Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks for Industrial Drums

Hand Trucks for Industrial WorkIndustrial drums are easily some of the heaviest pieces of equipment sitting in most commercial facilities, at least outside of the several-ton machines that make the facility tick every day. Drums can be pretty complex to move, largely because they come in non-traditional shapes that can present some unique challenges. In many cases, though, their heavy weight and unique shape can be handled by an essential piece of equipment known as a heavy-duty pallet truck.

Though pallet trucks are most often associated with moving things like warehouse inventory and a backlog of commercial products, they’re also quite useful for maneuvering drums. In order to do so, though, pallet trucks must be heavy duty and specifically designed to support the heavy weight of drums in addition to lighter pallets and inventory. Here’s what to know when purchasing one of these models for use in daily drum transit.

Drum Pallet Trucks Look a Bit Different

The first thing to understand about drum pallet trucks are that they look only slightly like their more traditional counterparts. While they still use two “forks” to support the drum and transport it throughout the facility, they also sport a curved support that will allow the drum to rest during transit. This serves to reduce the risk of damage to the drum, as well as to reduce the possibility of worker injury during transportation.

The Materials Matter When Buying a Drum Pallet Truck

Because drum pallet trucks need to be capable of moving large and unwieldy objects that typically weight several hundred pounds, buyers should pay careful attention to the materials used in the truck’s construction. Generally, it’s a good idea to look for either aluminum or stainless steel models, as these are among the two most durable materials for any industrial facility. Materials will also affect the rated weight capacity, so those with seriously heavy drums will want to pay special attention to the material and how it affects the maximum drum weight available.

Weight Capacity is the Final Piece of the Puzzle

Drum trucks are almost universally capable of handling several hundred pounds, but it’s the exact number of pounds that will make the difference in many cases. Some trucks are capable of supporting only 500 or 800 pounds at a time which, while good for some businesses, isn’t enough for others. Pallet drum trucks can easily support in excess of 1,000 pounds with the right materials and construction, and business owners should always “round up” to the highest capacity that might be required of their business on a daily basis.

Douglas Equipment Has a Great Line of Pallet Drum Trucks

Pallet trucks for industrial drums can be found in many different varieties at Douglas Equipment, where we’ve been putting our industry experience to use for our customers for the past several decades. We know what it takes to perform seriously tough tasks at today’s commercial and industrial facilities, and that’s why we pair our excellent trucks with industry-leading service, support, and value, for each customer that we serve. Contact us today and see how we can help your business.